Monday, July 13, 2009

Conclusion of a mock and other links

As I've mentioned here several times over the past few months, my husband accepted a post-doc position at NYU so in a few short weeks we are moving to New York City. We'll be relying upon a moving company to get the majority of our possessions back east, but we will be the ones packing everything up...which meant we needed boxes. And a lot of them (there are only so many book boxes I can pilfer from the library). So we turned to the fine people at UHaul and their extremely vast array of boxes and over the weekend we acquired a massive quantity of boxes (thanks, free shipping!). I had this image of receiving one well-packed, lightweight box full of other boxes of varying sizes. Oh so naive. We hauled in 6 or 7 different boxes filled with boxes; I had no idea a box could be so heavy. Granted one is a "packing system" for our tv and there are some of those wardrobe type boxes for the closet, but truly, I was blissfully unaware of the world of moving boxes. You'd think I'd never moved before in my life but I guess I've always done short distance moves - or just shoved everything in my car and hoped for the best. No longer. I seem to have hit an age and possession level that requires a more sophisticated move replete with moving boxes.

Anyway, onto football...

  • I haven't thought about Kevin Jones in a long time. The Hazean's Monday Morning Rehab reminded me of the latest with Forte's backup among others.
  • Fifth Down's KC Joyner has been battling over Jay Cutler's value in Chicago now for several days - for a recap and to get your opinion heard if you're so inclined, check out Sorry, Bears Fans, Cutler Isn't the Answer.
  • Rotoworld has just wrapped up their second draft mag and I highly recommend you check out Gregg Rosenthal's comments on RB ranking changes, Running Back Moves: Jacobs over LT2. Even if you never saw the initial rankings, this kind of info on changes can be very helpful for draft prep.
  • More helpfulness for draft prep - FantasyMojo has been tracking some of the latest draft trends in Early July Draft Trends and Game Plan.
  • Some IDP love from Football Jabber. Take a look at Jabber's Top 50 IDP Linebackers with Commentary if you're one of the lucky souls in an IDP league (individual defensive players in place of a team D/ST).
  • Chris Cooley is the voice for this week's MMQB. Don't miss it.
Finally, I just finished up my expert mock draft. I'm relatively pleased with the results but feel like there are a few places that I didn't make the smartest picks. And that, my friends, is the beauty of a mock. Enjoy the results.


Peter said...

I moved from Colorado to Minnesota last December, and whoa nelly. The move before all fit in my Jeep Grand Wagoneer; this one involved a wife, a kid, and the sale of a house.

I ended up filling my u-haul truck with stuff left over, so I had to get a bigger truck, unpack the first and put the stuff into the second, then return the original truck. Then the aforementioned Wagoneer was strapped to a trailer. It was tough. Best of luck to you in your move. I hope all goes smoothly and you get your money's worth out of the professional movers.

Football Jabber said...

Ohh, I hear ya. We talk about moving now and want to have a year head start from when we do it.

louislippsjr said...

Moving to NYC huh? Maybe we'll have to get together for drinks sometime! I'm actually doing columns for both (Through the Wire again) and (weekly IDP piece) this season (which may get syndicated in Yahoo -- Ben Ice is pitching it to them right now). Keep me updated on your FF plans for 2009. If there's any openings in experts leagues or home leagues, I'll let you know.

- Antonio D'Arcangelis