Thursday, July 02, 2009

And the League is Getting Larger!

You guys are impressive - in the 24 hours since I posted the info about this season's FFLibrarian league I've signed up 45 of you. Amazing - thank you for the interest! Right now I have the league set at 48 but we can get much bigger. For those of you who are wondering how this will work, it will be divided into multiple conferences which will each have their own draft and weekly head-to-head competitions. Should be great fun so if you're interested and haven't signed up yet, e-mail me and I'll send an invitation your way.

  • Those who have been reading this blog for awhile know that I get a great kick out of Matthe Berry's sense of I'm quite pleased to see his Love/Hate: 2009 edition column up - and check out the love for Michael Turner!
  • For you die hard Browns fans Fifth Down has the following offering: 2009 Forecast: Browns should be much better.
  • I just submitted my 4th round pick in a PPR league - see the results so far here. At this point I've got a squad of Michael Turner, Steve Smith, Wes Welker and Ryan Grant. Thoughts?
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru has hit on one of my favorite football topics: offensive line analysis. Check out his ranking of the top 15 o-lines and which players might be impacted.
  • A heads up for those of you in auction-style leagues that FFToolbox continuously updates their FF average auction values table.
  • offers up their list of Keeper League Wide Receivers - a helpful ranking if you got one of the non-sure keeper guys.


Peter said...

I agree with the Grant pick. He seemed quiet last year, but if Capers gets that 3-4 functioning quickly, Grant will have lots of carries all year.

Now grab Ward (lots of catches) or Wells (fantastic schedule during fantasy playoffs), or you could go for a high target TE (um, Witten without TO = awesome). You're set at WR 1 & 2 and the QB talent is at a cluster below the top 4.

Would you have emailed invitations? I don't think I've seen mine...

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Peter, I have e-mailed invitations out to those who sent me an e-mail - if you're the Peter D. that I have on my list and you haven't seen the e-mail, check your spam maybe and e-mail me again if you still don't see it. I can copy and paste the invitation directly in response.

If you're NOT Peter D. then e-mail me again since who knows what my e-mail has accidentally put into spam (with a site name like fantasy football librarian you can imagine that my spam folder is a gigantic, nasty beast that I try to avoid).

Peter said...

I am indeed Peter D. I sent you another email; thanks for your help!

Matt said...

Franchises 62-64 better watch out. The Steel Vipers are on the loose.

(Yeah, hopefully everybody updates their team names, etc.)