Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going out on top

Who is Joe Flacco going to throw to now?? This morning on the bus on my way into work I did a double take when I read the headline announcing Derrick Mason's retirement. Really? I mean, truly? Mason might not be a spring chicken but the dude still has skills - I like the idea of going out while you're still on top, but the Ravens are looking at quite the sparse WR crew. Does this mean the Ravens will work with what they've got (Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams) or will they bring in some fresh meat?

  • I don't think I've linked to this article on Key injuries to watch from Stephania Bell's blog yet, which is surprising since I've found myself rereading it several times. If you're not a frequenter of Stephania's ESPN blog you're going to want to change that. Her insight on injuries is unparalleled and we all know how valuable that can be.
  • I like Rotoworld's "Prospects" list. I bought into the Laurent Robinson hype last summer and that didn't pan out (though I still have my eye on him now that he's moved from Hotlanta to St. Louis), but I like the concept behind these prospects quite a bit.
  • Would you believe me if I said the Bengals will be headed to the playoffs this year? Bengals believers, check out CBS Sports' Playoff ready? Pats plus five who might see January.
  • The Hazean led me to this FanHouse article on the Death of the Sleeper. I don't buy it - I absolutely agree that we can overhype so-called undervalued players to the point that they're overvalued...but that doesn't mean the sleeper is dead. There will always be sleepers, it's just that every fantasy site and blogger out there (and there are so many more each year) are trying to target the latest and greatest sleepers, which inevitably means that avid FFers have probably heard of most names out there. That's not a bad thing in my book; more information is better. It just means that you need to go through some of these sleeper lists with more of a fine-tooth comb and draft a bit from your gut.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru has some draft strategy with recommended position targets for each round of a 16-round 12-team draft.
  • Finally, I've been linking to FootballOutsiders' Wisdom of the Crowds series for the past month or so - here's the start of their look at WRs including T.O., Devin Hester, Torry Holt, Antonio Bryant, and Santonio Holmes.
And for all you Frenchies out there, Happy Bastille Day.


FFGoat said...

I am very glad to see you recognize Derrick Mason. I thought the same exact thing you did when I read it. He was underrated and performed far above his draft position year in and year out (at least in PPC leagues).

It will be interesting to see who emerges on the Ravens. It the perfect team for a sleeper to emerge - and yes they still exist you are right on target.

P.S. Thanks for checking out my tune. Hope you liked it!


Ryan said...

I was surprised to see the news of Derrick Mason retiring last night, however I wish him the best. He was an underrated & a good player as FFGoat said, we'll miss him in FF this year. Maybe not the Broncos though ;o)

Wonder if the Ravens will go after another available WR free agent now? Marvin Harrison?

I've been reading ESPN's Stephania Bell since last season, however is she correct about Tom Brady's recovery? He might be fine this season, but the past evidence of NFL players with both ACL + MCL injuries isn't very promising in terms of total career length:

"In those athletes with both surgeries, careers were shortened on average by nearly two years and 32 games." Source: American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine http://bit.ly/fvAYq

Has there been any major changes for ACL + MCL surgeries recovery rates since 1987-2000?