Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ready for a comeback kid

The other night (at approximately 3 am) our A/C made new, loud, unfortunate dripping noises that a youthful air conditioner really shouldn't make...and then refused to turn back on. Yesterday, however, it made a comeback. Not exactly sure what kind of crazy black magic my husband performed to get it working again but it's happily cooling away sans noises. Considering the weather forecast for the foreseeable future has us in the mid-90s here in Boulder, I'm quite pleased about this turn of events.

I kind of see our A/C like a running back who maybe had a minor injury and thus took a serious decline in the fantasy rankings for the 2009 season...and yet, there's a good chance that RB will be good as new like our ol' trusty A/C. Along these lines I can't help but wonder about Denver's Peyton Hillis. I realize there's a mountain of dudes in the backfield in Denver right now, but the guy was running pretty well and could certainly catch (7 receptions for 116 yards against Miami? Niiiice!) - there's a reason the Denver Post called him Mr. Versatility. He's someone that I will be watching very carefully as the season evolves.

  • Seeing as I'm in the middle to late rounds of a mock draft right now, I was drawn to Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's video that focuses on guys you might want to grab in later rounds of a draft. For those who are interested, my squad so far is: Michael Turner, Steve Smith (Car), Wes Welker, Ryan Grant, Tony Romo, Felix Jones, Hines Ward, John Carlson, Rashard Mendenhall, Ted Ginn Jr.
  • Fantasy rankings (non-PPR, redraft) from The Hazean with a one-liner bit of commentary.
  • And then a little something else from The Hazean, too: By the numbers: 10 most undervalued wide receivers heading into 2009.
  • On a similar note, SI's NFL Fantasy Forecast: Offensive overachievers (written by Sports Grumblings' John Georgopoulos) lists some players that have been been upping their performance lately. Garrard, I've got my QB2 eye on you.
  • FantasySharks' Five QBs with new homes looks at QBs who have shifted around in the league and how they're fantasy value has changed.
  • If you're looking to spice things up and try a new draft strategy (note: trying it out in a mock draft first is recommended), take a look at what Matt Waldman calls the Shortcut Technique on his Weekly Gut Check Column.


Anonymous said...

Ryan Grant? Interesting, not sure about him these days

Matt Calvey said...

Grant did have 1,200 yards last year. He is buried because he only had four touchdowns. Not to beat a dead horse, but touchdowns in a prior season are a poor predictor of touchdowns in future seasons. I think she got great value where she got Grant, doubly so since she is counting on him as a RB2/3, not RB1. Good pick up!

Peter said...

I think the owner with the #2 spot overall has built the best team so far. He's got 4 good WRs at good value and some RBs I can believe in. His QB tandem is one I'm high on this year.

I probably would have skipped the Gonzalez pick in round 4 and replaced that with WR or RB (Ocho Cinco or McFadden would've been good) and then he could've taken Cooley instead of Berrian in round 7, but that's being a little picky. Also, it's easier to make those calls as an outside observer with the gift of hindisight.

The owner with the 7th pick overall will have a very good team if Warner stays healthy (and Boldin stays put).