Friday, July 17, 2009

Camp prep '09

I'm starting to see lots of articles on what to look for at training camp, who to keep an eye on, which rooks might just impress at camp, etc. Pay attention - remember, this is the time of year when we learned just who Chris Johnson was in '08. There's someone out there who will hit the fantasy scene absolutely en fuego and you don't want to miss the hype. Trust me.

  • Football Outsiders' Black and Blue Report: Training Camp 2009 - FO will be twittering injury news this season also but read on for a full update on a whole bunch of key fantasy folks.
  • addresses Training camp questions for each team - take a look for one or two quick sentences on the heart of each team's 2009 dilemmas.
  • Fantasy Football Mastermind has their 2009 Eye in the Sky NFL Scouting Reports cranking. I love reading local viewpoints; I find they provide significant value.
  • Mac Bros Fantasy Football Forecast debates which QB should be top dog in Tom Brady or Drew Brees? Agree? Disagree?
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru is churning out new material practically every day so be sure to scope out the new articles. Today I'll lead you to Underrated WRs You Need to Remember for Your Draft. I'm seeing Mike Walker's name all over the place these days...
  • One helpful reader sent me a link to this iPhone Drafting App, Studs & Duds Fantasy Football Draft Kit. What do you all think? I'm intrigued and might give it a whirl. If I do, I will definitely let you all know what I think.
  • Fantasy Index compares Brady and Cassel and comes up a bit empty on the Cassel front in Cassel Ain't No Brady.
  • Wondering if anyone in fantasyland is cutting fantasy fans a financial break this year? Oh yes, indeed my friends. Take a look at - they've decided to offer their platinum package for free this year as long as you register with them. Great deal.
Happy weekend!

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Ryan said...

Sheesh!?! With 16 teams per Conference in the FFLibrarian League, a "deep sleeper" or two may be the difference maker in who's overall champion or not ;o)

I'm fine with the League playoffs ending on either the 16 or 17 - no big deal here.

However, I am wonder how a player's stats are sourced from in that same league. The raw stats data I accessed from who receives it from STATS LLC. My calculations do not match myfantasyleague player stats with the FFLibrarian's league weightings:


Andre Johnson (2008 PPR):
322.50 at league
318.50 I computed

Calvin Johnson(2008 PPR):
285.80 at league
279.1 I computed

Michael Turner (2008 PPR):
282.10 at league
276.00 I computed

Clinton Portis (2008 PPR):
252.50 at league
246.6 I computed

The odd thing is no one player I calculated for fantasy point totals matches MyFantasyLeague numbers, using the same weighting formulas as our league has. Why, is this I want to know.

Only conjecture yet I wonder if the NFL's stats on fumbles agrees with MyFantasyLeague stat's on fumbles, as a possible reason for the difference in the fantasy point numbers?