Monday, July 20, 2009

A Peyton Manning Kind of Day

Today is one of my favorite days - my husband's birthday. I fear that sounds exceedingly cheesy but it's true. I happen to be a birthday person; I adore birthdays, love celebrating them, love hyping them up, love everything about them. So of course the birthday of my favorite person is inevitably a grand day for me. Being that my husband (a Knoxville, TN native) is a major Peyton Manning fan, it amused me to see the Fifth Down's Why Peyton Manning isn't more revered headline today. Trust me, there's lots of Peyton reverence going on in our household.

  • Sean Payton is today's MMQB voice and his comment about the Hall of Fame Game on August 9th got me thinking...will our tv (and the rest of our furniture) arrive in time for the HoF Game (I know, I might be the only person out there that actually enjoys watching the HoF Game...)? We are some of the lucky few (note the great sarcasm there) that have a 4-17 day delivery window for our possessions to make the journey from Colorado to New York. Could be a long 2 weeks...
  • Ahh, the Michael Turner debate continues. Check out Advanced NFL Stats' Michael Turner in 2009. I love the conclusion that it's all a crap shoot. So true.
  • Bruno Boys' 2009 Position Battles to Watch: Wide Receiver takes a look at some of the WR question marks in the league. Keep in mind these certainly aren't all WR1 battles, but they are guys that could make an impact on the fantasy scene.
  • Dynasty owners are you looking for some rankings to help you make any decisions on who to keep, who to drop? See what Fantasy Football Trader has to say in their 2009 Dynasty Rankings.
  • Rotoworld highlights some of their WR ranking moves in the second edition of their draft mag.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's latest article, Strength of Schedule Impact, outlines teams with some of the best and worst schedules this season - just a little something else to keep in mind come draft day!
  • FantasyPros911 has an interesting take on the FF handcuff in Fantasy Football's Handcuff Only Ties Your Hands - I'm not sure they used the best examples (no one is possibly considering Jim Sorgi as their QB2) but I do think that sometimes it's worth really thinking about a handcuff before snagging that guy over another player/sleeper with potentially more talent.


Fantasy Football First said...

Let me know what you think of this link--- reviews Espn the Magazine's fantasy football preview issue and compares it to their free cheat sheets.

Ryan said...

Thanks for the links, again. ^^
Peyton Manning is a future HoF'er, if that's not enough, I'm not sure what is?

Let's just say "Hatty Waiver Wire Guru, Strength of Schedule Impact" article, and my own separate analysis came to quite different conclusions.

Odd that 3 of 5 toughest schedules Hatty found do not seem to be at all. While 2 of the 5 so-called easiest schedule, sure do not look that way as two of them should lost most games than in the 2008 season. The question I have is, how does Hatty create his conclusions? What's the methodology?

Regarding Michael Turner impact next season, have those FF writers taken into account Gonzo's presents in Atlanta now? If one removes Gonzo's lowest & highest impact seasons, he's averaged about 76-79 catches, at +11 yards a catch with 7-8 TDs a year over 8 years of playing. Will Turner lose 76-79 touches to Gonzo's receptions? Taking his touches to around 300, instead of last year's +370 touches?

Peter said...

Hey librarian. Happy belated husband's birthday!

I'm looking around on the site and not finding this: do we know what order we're drafting in? I'd like to know what spot I've got (if that's known yet). If not, when might we find out?

Also, will the draft be 60 seconds per pick? I might prefer a little longer if it weren't for the fact that there will be 256 picks made per draft.

Peter said...

Nevermind about the draft order. As soon as I leave a comment, I find it on the site. (of course!)

Matt Calvey said...

Ryan, back off, I am the resident downer on Michael Turner, although my poor prognosis (comparatively) for this season didn't even factor in the signing of Gonzo. Good call.

How is it that Anquan Boldin gets borderline decapitated, misses a month, and now is injury prone? There is a world of difference between nagging injuries (turf toe, hamstring issues) and fluke injuries (Tom Brady, Anquan Boldin) that should have no bearing on a player's status as "injury prone".