Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th!

Greetings on the 4th of July. Always a fun time of year. This is "get ready to move to NYC" time of the year for us right now and yesterday that meant a trip to the vet to get our cats microchipped. All 17 of them. Kidding, kidding, we only have 2 cats (but admit it, for a second you believed I might be that crazy library lady with 17 cats didn't you?). According to the vet, our cats were some of the most mellow, well-behaved cats she'd ever microchipped before (yes, that pleases me) but I was the not-so-mellow one. This is a precursor to our car trip east when I'll be spending the whole time wondering just how traumatized our pets are. Should be fun, right? My husband is a saint.

Anyway, I hope you all have fun plans in the works for the 4th. Here are a few links to add some football to your holiday.

  • FantasySharks have a whole bunch of good material right now - first, if you're interested in which old guy to try and capitalize on this season, read Meet the Warners of 2009 - Holt, Ward and Driver.
  • More Sharks action: Sleeper Wide Receiver for 2009. I agree on most fronts here but I do think Steve Smith will be the Giants WR to own, not Domenik Hixon...time will tell!
  • I'm digging the simplicity and helpfulness of Pigskin Addiction's 2009 Bye Week Grid. I appreciate the detail beyond just team names so that you can see which major fantasy players are included. Takes some of the extra thinking out of an already intense draft day, no?
  • Finally, there are a lot of draft kits coming out these on for some of the best:
  1. Football Outsiders Almanac - they're doing something a little different this year. Typically they've printed the Pro Football Prospectus every preseason but this year they've got the almanac and it's available in different formats and price points. For a four-page preview of their RB analysis, take a look here.
  2. Mac. Bros Fantasy Football Draft Guide - coming out on July 19 - is freely available and includes rankings and individual player analysis.
  3. RotoExperts' Fantasy Football Draft Kit - not out yet, I don't think, but it's free for registered users and you can scope out what they offered in 2008 to see if it's up your alley.
Enjoy the weekend!

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