Thursday, July 09, 2009

Churning out FF content

I have 13 days left in my office until we take off and make the big move from Boulder to New York City. This isn't the first job that I've left but perhaps the first job that really means something to me - the first where I feel personally invested in the work I've done, the changes I've implemented, the projects I've initiated, which is making it really tough to wrap things up. Plus anyone who has been to Boulder knows what an amazing town it is - it won't be easy to say goodbye.

I feel myself trending toward some sappy essay on the awesomeness of my job and friends so I'll just cut myself off - let's get to football instead!

  • Lots of dynasty (and redraft) rankings to come on Football Jabber - this link will take you to the RBs, and this one to the QBs, but remember to check back for more.
  • Several of you have asked me about my thoughts or experience with different league hosting sites - I've played with CBS, Yahoo, MyFantasyLeague, and Fleaflicker, but there are many, many more out there as Lester's Legends shows here. The Hazean did a write-up on some of his faves as I linked to last month.
  • News has been minimal lately on Brandon Marshall's attempts to leave Denver - I agree wholeheartedly with Clark Judge; Marshall isn't going anywhere. On another Denver note, I was playing around with WolframAlpha to see how much football stats they pull in, and I found this page on the Broncos interesting - pretty basic stuff but you can literally see the defense falling apart as they went from 258 points against in 2005 to 448 points against in 2008. Sigh. If you go into more detail and click on the defense details, you can see their number of rushing yards allowed has increased by 1000 in that same time frame while their passing yards allowed actually tightened up ever so slightly. No surprise but still very interesting stuff to look at.
  • Will Joe Flacco be the big QB story in 2009? He's already shown significant improvement over the course of the 2008 season...perhaps there's more to come.
  • I'm in the market for a team D/ST for my mock draft and since I always enjoy Accuscore's articles, I thought I'd share this ranking team D/STs with you - the top 7 teams are freely available but to read the rest you need to be a subscriber. And that, my friends, is very tempting.


Ryan said...

I'm in agreement with both Clark Judge at CBS & yourself FFLibrarian about Brandon Marshall's chances of being traded out of Denver: 1-5% chance? The Broncos probably would trade him for a 1st & 3,4th draft picks, but no one will do that I think for Marshall: Not the Ravens, Bucs, or Jets, Giants. Similar to the Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin wanting a new contact or a trade. Brandon Marshall should 'hope' to get franchised like DE Julius Peppers did in Carolina, at best.

What's your take of the AFC & NFC East teams now, that your moving to the New York area from Boulder?

Football Jabber said...

Thanks for the linkage nice lady! I hope to have the rest of the rankings done by the end of the weekend.

Good luck on your move!

Peter said...

Pick 12.06 is missing from the expert draft results. Weird.

I like your Fred Taylor pick, although the committee in NE is crowded. I'm hearing that Sammy Morris is going to be the guy from some sources, but Taylor should definitely see the field. He could reasonably win the most carries.

W Leung said...

Great website. I think Flacco won't be much better than last year. The Ravens needed to upgrade the WR position but have not really addressed it. Meanwhile, Matt Ryan will probably improve dramatically because of Gonzalez.

You'll love NYC. Email me if you need any help. I've been here over 30 years.

Unknown said...

hey librarian,
thanks for all your help, i won my league last year. funny stuff i'm from nyc my wife is from boulder she is finishing her residency at northwestern we are in chi and moving to boulder next year. nyc is the most exciting city in the world have fun and maybe you'll end up back in boulder some day. your site can win a champeenship for anyone.
all best