Thursday, July 30, 2009

Calm before the fantasy storm

This is an oddly quiet day on the fantasy football front - I've been scoping out a bunch of my usual sites and I think most people might be on vacation, perhaps? Calm before the storm? So I should take this opportunity to warn you all that my posting status next week might be a bit dicey. I'll do my best but since we'll have movers here on Monday and will be on the road Tuesday through Saturday, the posts might be light (and it's possible I'll have no sanity left after spending day after day in a car with two unhappy, meowing cats). At least I can guarantee that once I arrive in NYC the posts here will be coming at you nonstop. My sole plans for the rest of August including being an insatiable blogger and a NYC tourist. Can't. wait.

  • Take a look at Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy's thoughts on Top 10 Undervalued Players. I'm an Owen Daniels fan - I think I had him in at least half of my 7 leagues last year and I imagine he might well fall to me again this year.
  • So we're at the end of round 3 in my first real draft of the season and so far my roster is comprised of: Maurice Jones-Drew, Clinton Portis, and Dwayne Bowe. QBs have been going late so I'm debating my next moves and found this article from Hatty Waiver Wire Guru, Reason to Wait on Selecting a QB.
  • The Hazean might not share my Dwayne Bowe excitement as seen in his The eight most overvalued wide receivers article.
  • All week one of my favorite websites, Advanced NFL Stats, has been guest blogging on the Fifth Down - to get a sense of the guy behind the site and why his site is so interesting, see Q&A with Brian Burke.
  • FootballOutsiders led me to this article in the Washington Post about the Redskins' o-linemen downsizing during the offseason - but it's not just about shedding pounds; those dudes were tossing tires and pushing SUVs around in an offseason training program of sorts. Now they're lean, mean, fightin' machines. I don't know about you all but suddenly I'm loving my end-of-second-round Clinton Portis acquisition even more...


Unknown said...

Year-in, year-out it seems like tier 3 quarterbacks represent the best value. David Garrard was a round 8-9 guy last year and turned in a top 12 performance. Chad Pennington wasn't even drafted in a lot of leagues. The guy who uses his round 3 pick for a QB puts a lot of pressure on the rest of his starters to perform. When it pans out, the team is godly. But it's very difficult to recover from a bust.

Unknown said...

Love the picks so far, but I'd advise looking to trade Portis/MJD midseason or pick up a potential late season boomer RB (McCoy, Wells etc) to rely on in the later rounds. Both those guys could wear down as the season progresses - Portis because he's bound to, and MJD is always a possibility for taking on a much larger role than he is accustomed to - so your late season point production will likely slip if you don't have a fall back plan.