Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gobbling up fantasy football links

It's officially dead on campus today. I didn't see a single human this morning as I was crossing campus to get to the library, but I did see a beautiful fox - he was just trotting down the sidewalk and we both kind of stopped when we saw each other, scoping out the other living creature in an otherwise desolate campus. We stared at each other for several seconds, probably each wondering, "what the heck is that fox/human doing here?" and then carried on with our days. I've seen my fair share of wildlife in Boulder - it's fairly routine to see deer while I'm on a run in my neighborhood - but I've never seen anything more than impossibly large squirrels on campus.

Anyway, my desire to actually do work today is exceedingly low and I'd really rather blog about football all day instead. Or get started on that apple pie we're taking to one of our Thanksgiving dinners tomorrow. Yes, we ended up with two Tgiving dinner invitations after my fear of needing to eat a turkey all on my own. Now I have two occasions where I can give thanks to you all, my loyal FFLibrarian readers. Thanks for making this a great season so far and for coming by the blog!

  • Rotoworld has all of the games on Turkey Day (or as I prefer to think of it, Mashed Potato Day) covered here in their Thanksgiving Preview video. By the way, in the league where I just picked up Thigpen and Cassel, I'm with the 35% of you who have voted to keep Cassel in your lineup this week against the Steelers (as noted on Gregg's Goal Line Stand weekly rankings). I was planning on playing Thigpen but had a change of heart over the past few days...
  • Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench List is up so check it out before you plug in your starters for the three NFL games tomorrow. Another start/sit list out there to look at before the Thursday games is FFToolbox's Week 13: Start 'em - I do like Larry Johnson this week for perhaps the first time all season. If you've got him, now is certainly the time to play him.
  • Fantasy Football Maniaxs are churning out content before the holiday is here - take a look at their Week 13 Dark Horses column for ideas on guys who are likely to have great games this week like Matt Ryan and DeSean Jackson. And I like the moderate expectations for Moore here - as a flex he'd be an excellent play this week.
  • Oh wait, a few more early bird (Tgiving pun intended - ha!) start/sit posts:
  • The Sports Data Hub guys have taken their extremely cool analysis tools and posted an article on which coaches can be relied on, be it home or away, to keep the pass or rush coming. Check it out as you're making start/sit decisions down the stretch.
I should be back at some point tomorrow with more start/sit links - not sure what time, but I'll be posting tomorrow!

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Lester's Legends said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you. Enjoy some turkey and some football.

That's cool about the fox.