Friday, July 31, 2009

All things football

My last day of work has arrived - crazy. And just three more days until our condo is emptied by movers. Can you tell I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all? I woke up this morning and cheered an obligatory, "last day of work!" to my husband but then it occurred to me that I have no future work days in sight since I have yet to find a library gig in New York. Weird thought.

Anyway moving on to football...

  • I'm sure I've gushed about him on here before but I really like Matt Schauf - one of my favorite fantasy writers. So basically any time he has something to say, I advise you listen. Today I've got two of his pass defense articles on Rapid Draft to link to - Watch out for these pass defenses and From Pittsburgh to K.C.: How each pass defense rates.
  • While we're on the defense train, take a look at who Hatty Waiver Wire Guru thinks you should try and acquire - or move on from - now in IDP Buy low sell high.
  • Rotoworld's Who will get goal-line carries in Arizona? asks a great question. So much hype a year ago about Hightower...but because he didn't come storming out with an incredible rookie season should we move on?
  •'s blog will keep you updated on all the big stories coming out of training camp - could be clutch for making some great mid- to late-round draft grabs.
  • FFGeekBlog's Running back rankings for 2009 are up and ready for your review. I'm loving Maroney this year. Well perhaps love is strong but I'm eager to add him to my rosters. Am I nuts?
  • Finally, my favorite topic: offensive lines.'s 2009 Draft Prep: Eyeballing the offensive lines goes pretty deep here with a grade for each individual lineman - nice, very nice.


Unknown said...

On your love for Maroney....
Be very very careful.
There are three teams which have what I consider to be the ultimate RBBC. Those teams are NE, BAL and DEN. In NE, you have Morris, Taylor and Faulk to consider along with Maroneyand personally, I wouldn't draft any of them as none of them are likely to put up decent individual fantasy numbers.
For BAL, same problem with McGahee, Rice and McClain. Even with McClain at FB, the workload is still split up and who will get the goal line carries?
Your Broncos have much the same problem with Moreno, Jordan, Buckhalter, Hillis and Torain. How do you pick from that? I'm not sold on Moreno yet and at this point none of them are draftable for me.

I'd wait deep into the pre-season or even early in the season to see what develops and use the waiver wire.

The Running Bran said...

Thanks for the link Librarian! (It's Brandon from by the way)

On the topic of Maroney, you can see I liked him JUST enough to extend my rankings so that he's on there...but not very high. I agree with John in that you should definitely wait and see what his role is going to be in the preseason.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Don't worry I won't pull some crazy high Maroney draft move, but from where he's being ranked (as in the FFGeekBlog) I do love his value. I'll be cautious! :)

Ryan said...

Not sure if anyone here noticed this news, but it looks like is going to "expand" it's local NFL football angle by embedding a reporter with each of the 32 teams, according to a recent PaidContent article at

Ryan said...

Have you looked for a new Librarian with listings in NY,NY?