Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FFLibrarian League update and other links

Greetings from a gray and rainy Colorado. We live a few blocks away from a mini golf place (yup, I can sense how jealous you all are) so last night as part of my husband's birthday celebrations we played 18 holes with a bunch of friends. Unfortunately, a massive summer storm including hail came rolling in while we were on hole 8 or so. This stopped those of us who prefer to remain unhailed upon (while holding a metal putter in the lightning of course), but my husband and 5 other guys were undeterred and it quickly evolved into all-weather, all-terrain putt putt. Rarely have I seen a bunch of 30-somethings so completely gleeful in the rain - it was amusing. Anyway, the clouds remain today but I'm kind of digging the mellow weather.

I'm also digging today's fantasy football links, which are as follows:

  • The Hazean provides a nice library of links in 27 resources to help fantasy football owners win this year. If any of these links are new for you, I definitely recommend you check them out since the Hazean hit upon a lot of the gems out there.
  • Yahoo's RotoArcade is posting their Juggernaut Index, which is a fantasy ranking of all 32 NFL Teams starting with the Oakland Raiders at 32nd.
  • Can you believe there are 11 teams with new head coaches? Wow. Read up on what that means for the fantasy world in CBSSports.com's Diner morning news: First-year coaches.
  • Football Outsiders continue their series on Wisdom of the Crowds with their second installment of WR projections - scope it out for the latest thoughts on guys like Mark Clayton and Randy Moss.
  • FantasySharks offer up some value picks for the 2009 season - I think I'm becoming a big Ryan Grant believer. Think I'm nuts? The more I ponder the GB offense and Grant's history, the more I become a believer. No, I won't draft him as my RB1 but he might have some great RB1-ish weeks...
  • Every once in a great while I come across a non-free resource that I just must link to here - I prefer to lead you all down the great path of freely available resources but sometimes there's just something too good to pass up. That's how I feel about John Tuvey's offensive line analysis on The Huddle - it is the cream of the crop and if you're a o-line type, I highly recommend getting your hands on this. That means becoming a Huddle member but frankly, the Huddle is a sweet site and worth the cost if you're willing to pony up a few bucks.
Finally, if you're in the FFLibrarian League we've had to change our draft plans from a live draft to an e-mail draft. Please be sure to read the latest on the league message board - the e-mail drafts will begin on August 24 to be wrapped up before the first game of the season.


Anonymous said...

Even more exciting during a storm would be the human maze.


Matt Calvey said...

The Shark said something about Reggie Bush doing nothing but finding the end zone. Twenty TDs in three seasons for a guy with some several hundred looks is not a guy that is very efficient at finding the end zone. I love Reggie Bush as an RB 1/2 in a PPR league, but he is definetly not a TD machine.

I love the call on T.J Houshamazilli, I think he and Hasselback could make for a great feedback loop in Seattle this year.

Jake Train said...

I agree with you on Grant whole heartedly and I'm a Bears fan! Just seems like a perfect scenario for him to have a great season.

Anonymous said...

you guys should all check out myfantasyplayers.com
its going to be this years best fantasy football website.