Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday = FF links

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of family, friends, and football. Yesterday morning we woke up kind of early to see the Thanksgiving Day parade - despite the crowds it was still a pretty good time and definitely something I think we had to do as NYCers. I was digging the Snoopy balloon the most, I think, though Kermit was a classic. Meanwhile the children near us didn't recognize the smurf balloon. What kind of generation are we raising that doesn't know what a smurf is? Amazing.

Anyway, we ran home to get the turkey in the oven and all the other tasty treats going. We had just one friend join us and thankfully she did put up with the copious amounts of football we watched. Which of course leads me to my Broncos winning against the Giants last night - the Broncos defense was looking tremendous again, particularly the secondary, and I'm psyched to see how the rest of the season plays out.

With so much going on yesterday, I took a break from all things FFLibrarian, but I'm back and better than ever today, ready to post tons of links. So let's get to it!

Those in the market for a weekly league to participate in should take a look at my weekly contest with - it's free to play and you can jump in or out any time using the 12book password.

Many of you submitted a note to the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Blogger League website and with your help FFLibrarian pulled out the win last week for the $50 gift card! Our big winner was John, who will be receiving his $50 gift card to BWW in the next week or so. This weekly contest runs every week until the end of December so get the details here and head on over to my post at BWW to comment and get a chance to win that $50 gift card (there's some good competition already this week!). 

Also on a housekeeping note, remember to submit your votes for the 1st Annual FFLibrarian Readers' Choice poll by November 30. The poll results will be published next week. Also, any proceeds from purchases at the FFLibrarian store before the end of December will be donated to the American Cancer Society.   


PawPaw said...
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jeff said...

I need to pick 1 rb and 1 wr to start, what do you think? rb- michael turner/beanie wells wr- santonio holmes/ lee evans/ kenny britt/ mohamed massaquoi