Monday, November 02, 2009

The road goes on forever...

...but the party never ends! Not sure my husband would agree that the whole marathon was a party since he later declared it to be a tough race, but I for one enjoyed spectating. Frankly I'd like to brag for a minute and note that we were able to see him at four different spots including a monumental mile 18.5 to mile 22.5 to and finish line viewing stretch (that included my sister on her husband's shoulders as our lookout at the finish line and a troop of unhappy Italian tourists who had to put up with us). This was no small feat and I'd like to thank the subway for being remarkably - no, stunningly - super speedy.

So the race is over and my sister and 2 brothers-in-law and I are making our way to my husband who has basically just crashed post-race onto a bench alongside the park. My husband has a bit of a history of tough times post-race (for example, there was the heatstroke post-Chicago marathon in record heat a few years ago; or the hour-long 5-block walk back to our hotel in Portland last year) I had myself braced for the worst. And he didn't disappoint. So we're all with my husband at this bench, and there were marathon employees and cops wandering around with megaphones telling everyone who is not a runner to vacate the benches for those who need them. I'm cool with that of course but there weren't any struggling runners needing a bench at that moment - and when you're sitting next to your spouse who looks like he might just make camp at that bench and try for home tomorrow, trust me, you're really not going to listen to these folks. So finally a cop approaches us and asks us and the rest of the bench loafers to move on. Since there was no way my husband was going to get up and get moving at that moment, I asked her to give us a minute and with fantastic timing my husband proceeded to puke basically right at the poor cop's feet just to make our case. A family with a small child next to us cleared the bench in record time and the cop and a megaphone-toting employee looked on with horrified faces. It was awesome. Not to say I wasn't mildly concerned, but I also know my husband's post-race patterns well and knew he was just fine; needed to hurl and would be ready to rally. 

Anyway, I've had a weekend full of copious amounts of pasta and good friends and family - a little light on the football though. My apologies if I didn't get back to any of you with start/sit questions but by this time you're probably getting used to my completely erratic schedule that doesn't really lend itself to much e-mailing over the weekends. Let's get to today's links...

Finally, I should have my 1st Annual FFLibrarian Readers' Choice poll up tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. I'll let you all know as soon as it's up and will link to it off the right side of the blog for the rest of the month. 


Eric said...

If anyone is looking for early Week 9 Rankings, Rotoprofessor has already posted it's:
- Top 25 QB
- Top 35 RB
- Top 40 WR

LestersLegends said...

Thanks for the link, though I'm still a little bitter at you for beating me in the K-FAD league this week despite having Mario Manningham in there. I mean how does Peyton Manning not even through a single TD pass?

Just kidding. Not bitter. MJD and A-Rodg had monster games for you.

LestersLegends said...

Oh, and the story of your husband puking is priceless.

Hope he's doing better today.

Unknown said...

A couple of recaps from 12StepDrop:

Early Game Highlights: Week 8
Late Game Highlights: Week 8

Anonymous said...

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?