Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rockstar links for Week 11

I am a rockstar. Okay, not really, the closest I've ever come to rocking an instrument was the recorder back in 3rd grade. But I was living like a rockstar last night, somehow hanging out with my husband's old college buddies until 3 AM. As someone who is frequently in bed by 11 most Wednesday nights, this was a rare occurrence. When we left the bar though there were still plenty of others going strong on a Wednesday night; I mean, who are these people?! How do so many folks have schedules that allow them to be out and about like that in the wee hours of a Wednesday night turned to Thursday morning? Well it's New York City, friends, it's New York City.

So big surprise, I'm running late today with my post. Good thing I have a lot of awesome material to make up for the slowness of my morning post.

Enjoy the Thursday Night Football game and I'll be back tomorrow with even more start/sit links!


Joe said...

With the trade deadline coming up tomorrow in a league of mine, I'm just wondering who everyone thinks has more keeper value, Mike Sims-Walker or Sidney Rice.

Our league rotates the number of keepers you get each season in a 2-1-2-1... manner. After this season we just keep 1. If you keep a guy you've held previously then you lose your first round pick otherwise the player gets applied to where they were drafted in the prior year. Sims-Walker and Rice were both undrafted which means they would be 17th round picks if held.

My team is in last and I'll get the first overall pick if that holds, so I'm just looking towards next year. I have Sims-Walker but was thinking about offering Roddy White for Rice (my WRs are White, Jennings, Ward, MSW, and Burleson). My other options to keep would be Donald Brown (rd 8) or Shonn Green (rd 17). Nobody else on my team is really worth losing a pick at their respective draft location.


Brian said...

Personally I think MSW has a better keep value. Favre is going to retire(again) next year and I really can't fathom who the Vikes are going to pick up to replace him and play at the current level he has been in. MSW on the other hand has proved himself to be start worthy for the Jags and Garrard will be back again next year looking for his favorite target.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I would hold on to Sims-Walker especially if return yards don't get points in your league.