Friday, November 20, 2009

Lots of Week 11 prep

Did you all know that the Panthers are the only team that has never defeated the Dolphins? Wow. Perhaps those of you who live in a land where your cable company and the NFL Network can agree upon viewing terms did know that, perhaps heard your announcers talk of this stat. But since I can't stand to "watch" the game on (there's no watching, it's like an extended painful halftime where every once in a while you're taken to a brief clip of the game), I ended up bailing on most of the game. In the future I'm thinking of switching to Westwood One's broadcast of Thursday Night games.

So I'm headed home to Arlington, Virginia, this afternoon via the fancy wifi bus. It's cheap, it's relatively fast, and it's got wifi and plug ins. What could be better? So I'll probably try and catch up on emails and such this afternoon but might not have a ton of time to answer any other start/sit or trade questions this weekend since I'll be living it up with the fam and friends. Can't wait, will be good to be home.

Let's get to today's links:

  • First up I've got a new article for you guys this week, penned by a friend of my sister's at the Boston Globe. Though frankly I'm learning that everyone is a friend of my sister's - seriously, she's the most social butterfly the world has ever known and I guarantee at least half of you readers are somehow connected to my sister. Forget Kevin Bacon, try six degrees of Katie. Back to the actual link - Titan runs up the points has a handy look at three players moving up and three players moving down in the fantasy world. While I'm sad to see my dear Broncos make the "three down" list, I'm hoping Ed is right on the Marion Barber front...
  • If you'd like to feel educated and entertained about this week's matchups then look no further than the Fifth Down's Week 11 NFL Matchups, written by Football Outsiders' Mike Tanier.  
  • We've got rankings from Mr. Fantasy by position - this link goes to QB.
  • Time for this week's roundtable discussions among my favorite bloggers and FF writers:
  • It's almost hard to believe there could be more start/sit links since I feel like I've just been posting them for days, but here you go!
  • With so many injuries out there right now, your best place to go these days for updates is Stephania Bell's injury blog on ESPN. 
  • A few days ago I mentioned that there's a contest on the BWW All-Star Blogger League for a $50 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings. I need the most comments from you all on my posts in order to win that gift card (see more details in my post earlier this week), so swing on by my post today to leave a comment and become eligible for that gift card. And this will happen every week until December 31st! How awesome is that? 
I'll be back by tomorrow afternoon with the consensus start/sit info! 


Anonymous said...

I know it's advised not to trade players of the same position in 1-for-1 deals however, one such deal has been proposed and I need to reply to the owner. The trade: I get Kevin Walter...other team gets Crabtree.

There's no looking past Walter's upcoming easy schedule and for a team like myself that is a couple of games back in the push for a playoff spot, it has some appeal.

Would you make the swap?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Anonymous said...

I think Crabtree will see better days. Hou has a lot of weapons, I think the back TE will get tons of looks including Slaton out of the backfield.

dctalk said...

I agree with you watching thursday game on is paaaaainful! are you taking one of those megabuse's? my cousin took it from the city to boston and tootally loved it.

Anonymous said...

I bet Crabree and Walter end up with similar stats over the last couple of weeks of the season. Crabtree has higher upside, but he's more risky. If you need a lot of points to get into I would do the deal. If you're at the top of the league I would be more conservative and turn it down.