Thursday, November 12, 2009

Say goodbye to your friends & family, Thursday Night Football kicks off

Can't. Stay. Away. Oh yeah, double post. So much to link to today, but truth be told I must keep my fingers moving before they go numb in this frigidaire of an apartment I live in...just saw a penguin waddle by. Kidding, not that bad. But I'm seriously considering fingerless gloves in my own apartment.

Onto the pre-game links...

  • I've got a quality Thursday night matchup link to bring you first. Rotoworld's Evan Silva does a great job with a look at the Bears vs 49ers matchup tonight - gotta say, knowing what the Cardinals were able to do against the Bears secondary gives me pause over benching Crabtree. I'm stuck starting Alex Smith in my deepest league so here's hoping something works out with that passing game...
  • Fantasy Football Fools has a nice Thursday Night Football is for Lovers title for his start/sit advice this week. The native Virginian in me digs that play on my state's tourism logo.   
  • A little more start/sit help from Fighting Chance Fantasy's Who to Start, Who to Sit. I'd like to point out that Ryan from FCF owes me a brussels sprout taste. Still. This is what losing tastes like, buddy! 
  • A couple of IDP links:
  • And now for the roundtable love:
    • The good fellas at Razzball bring us Week 10 Raves and Busters from some of the smartest of the smarty pants on the FF scene.
    • The rest of the smartest of the smarty pants can be found on Rotoprofessor discussing the adjustments you should make to your fantasy strategy now that Thursday games have begun.


NumbersAndGuts said...

Thanks for the post.

scotteb said...

Oy, I started Alex Smith because I have Eli Manning on a bye and I didn't like Carson Palmer's matchup. Not a good idea.

Jacob said...

Glad you liked my title.