Monday, November 09, 2009

Cruising the streets in Broncos gear

Oh my friends, it will be close to 70 degrees here in NYC today - I've got a long walk around the neighborhood in my future my Broncos gear!! You can all imagine just how excited I am about tonight's Monday Night Football game. Should be a good one and I've got my fingers crossed for a big win in Denver...

Lots to get to today:

  • Let's start off with the fact that yesterday's Battle of the Bays went to Tampa Bay. Unreal. Did anyone see that coming? Ryan from Fighting Chance Fantasy sure didn't, which means it's time for him to fulfill his end of the brussels sprouts bargain (he'll be enjoying his sprout with bacon thanks to a reader's suggestion here on FFLibrarian). You can also scan my parlay picks for this week and see how, um, not good I am at this.
  • Take a look at this week's MMQB: Let the hype begin - ahh, the Colts-Pats game is coming and there's some excitement in my family (my Colts-loving husband vs my Pats-loving sister...).
  • If you missed any of this weekend's games, like my sister who was stuck hanging out in an airport while awaiting new travel plans after a canceled flight, then you're going to want to scope out some of these recaps. To be honest, even if you were cruising through all the games getting updates, you will still find value in these game reviews, so scope out either's First Response: Some studs just didn't deliver OR Rotoworld's Beyond the Box Score: Comeback Kids.
  • Or take a look at Fantasy Hulks' Mr. Monday Morning - I have Warner and Cutler on one of my teams and had to pick between the two this week. Ultimately the point difference wasn't huge since they both had nice games, but I was pleased to have picked Warner and his massive stat line.
  • And if you're looking for a review of players that surprised, see Pancake Blocks: Sunday's eyebrow raisers
  • We've got a slew of waiver wire articles up:


LestersLegends said...

Thanks for the link.

I need your Broncos to keep Big Ben from having a monster game. I'm talking like less than 350 yards and 3 TDs.

Now if 100 yards and a score could go to Santonio Holmes, and 100 yards and a score could go to Mike Wallace as well, I'd be a happy camper.

Even if it goes the Meatloaf route and 2 out of 3 ain't bad, that will be OK.

Good luck to your Broncos and enjoy the game tonight!

Unknown said...

Yeah for me, it was Warner vs. Flacco and I went with wacko for flacco.. :( Now, I'm down 23 with Steelers D and Heath Miller to play. If it wasn't for that fact, I might join in with your Bronco's love. :)

Ryan Hallam said...

Oh man Sara, I don't want to eat a brussel sprout, but thanks for pointing it out to your readers! Can you read the sarcasm? I am SO not looking forward to this and I don't know who I dislike more right now, Aaron Rodgers or Josh Freeman. Any suggestions for a food/drink chaser out there????

dctalk said...

Hi Sara,
Sorry bout the broncos, but I am here more to talk bout Denver, I actually like in NJ and got a chance to attend a friends wedding in Denver over the weekend. Denver is beautiful!!! Got a chance to check out local stuff and was just totally amazed. Its so flat and the rockies are just mind blowing, had a good steak as well! my first time going west but was a very pleasant experience. It was just fitting that broncos were playing home, but the weirdest part was to see so many steelers fans in the area???? Even in the airport returning home, saw steelers fans coming out of the airport!!! anyways Denver is beautiful and would definetely go more often if get a chance.