Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Win a $50 gift card to BWW!

I'm alive and well, having survived yesterday's interview. As with all things in academia, particularly around the holidays, it will be awhile before I learn more about the job. But I just want to say a quick thanks to all who e-mailed or left a comment, wishing me luck yesterday. I'm truly one lucky blogger to have such a great readers.

Since I'm just lounging around this morning, avoiding anything that could possibly be considered mentally tasking, I caught this fun little library news tidbit: remember kids, it's never too late to make good on those overdue library books. Probably better not to wait 51 years, but hey, better late than never.

Finally, who wants to win a $50 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings? Here's the deal - the BWW All-Star Blogger League is running a weekly contest from now until the end of the FF season where the league blogger who has the most comments on their posts for the week on the BWW All-Start Blogger League site, will win a $50 gift card. I will then pick at random from the names that posted a comment on my posts that week (Mon-Sun) and get that $50 BWW gift card sent to the winner. So in order to win just follow my links to my posts on the BWW site, post a comment with a unique name/moniker, and check back here on FFLibrarian each Monday to see if your name is listed as the winner. If it is, after sending me your contact info, a $50 gift card will be on its way (note: just to clarify, there's only a winner if my posts on BWW have the most comments for the week, so get commenting!)! Pretty easy, right? Now I need your advice on which D/ST to start this week, so head on over to my post for today and start commenting!

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LestersLegends said...

Hopefully you get a nice Christmas present in the form of a new job.

For anyone interested in some additional advice on Week 11 fill-ins, check out my NFL Week 11 Fantasy Fill-ins

Port said...

wellll i've never left a comment on this site but read all your posts so i figured i'd come to you for some advice. i love me some sleepers so i actually have mccoy, beanie, forsett, and picked up bernard scott after benson left the game on sunday. obviously scott will not have much value save this upcoming week, so which of the other three do you feel i should explore trade possibilities for?

Brian said...

Port, Beanie has too good a schedule to get rid of so with that the only person I think that anyone will be willing to trade for is McCoy.

John said...

Great list of fantasy football reads, thanks!


Fantasy Football First said...

What a tough week for Survivor pools. We break it down with the Week 11 player rankings as well at .

Open Trade Question said...

I'm gonna ask for some trade advice...Anyone, feel free to chime in.

Should I go after Kurt Warner and his favorable schedule?
I currently have Phil Rivers...both are statistically similar and Rivers' schedule isn't that bad going forward either...Am I micromanaging too much?

Garo Speirs said...

OTQ - I think you should hold on to Rivers, he is solid - Warner is great, too, but I'd always worry about turnovers with him, or even injuries, even though he's been healthy for a while. the one hesitation is week 15 vs Cincy, potential semis, they've been tough.

Larry Bird said...

There should be more to discuss if you was to bet on the changes of the winners.