Saturday, November 28, 2009

Consensus Start/Sit for Week 12

My husband and I are enjoying a pretty entertaining college game right now - Tennessee Vols vs Kentucky Wildcats - and while my husband, who grew up in Knoxville, would like the Vols to be thoroughly dominating, I'm at least pulling for an exciting game. But we're at halftime now which gives me a chance to post some weekend links and the consensus start/sit for Week 12 of course.

Links first!

  • If you're trying to make some tricky lineup decisions, take a look at Fantasy Football Trader's positional rankings for the week - link goes to RBs.
  • Or maybe cruise on over to Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy's Week 12 Projections - heads up for those in PPR leagues since these projections are catered to those of you in leagues with 1 point per reception. More projections are also available at The Fantasy Football Report - check out their WR projections.
  • I was a pilgrim for Halloween one year. Yes, seriously. In retrospect it seems like such an odd choice for my 7-year-old mind to have made considering I was coming off three solid years as a clown, a bunny, and a princess...pretty standard costumes, right? Only to be followed by a pilgrim. Who knows what was going on in my mind but I always seem to think about it around Thanksgiving time - and of course images like that found on Fantasy Football Fools' Week 12 Hot Hands and Cold Shoulders trigger the memories of my Halloween pilgrimage 23 years ago. Man, that makes me feel old. 
  • I've got a couple of sleeper articles for you - one from, Hasselbeck, Williams among the top fantasy sleepers for Week 12, and one from FOX Sports, Top 10 sleepers for Week 12.
  • A roundtable discussion from some of my favorite FF minds - Fantasy Football Whiz hosts the question of who will be this week's sleepers and busts.
Moving on to the consensus start/sit picks. Remember, I create this list by looking at all the start/sit suggestions from experts throughout the week and I tally up which players have the most start or sit votes. Keep in mind that studs aren't typically included, nor are total duds. So there will be obvious players not listed here...

Start: Carson Palmer, Brett Favre, Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Ryan
Sit: Jay Cutler, Donovan McNabb, Joe Flacco

Start: Jason Snelling (note the latest Turner news though), Ricky Williams, Justin Forsett
Sit: Rock Cartwright, Matt Forte, Rashard Mendenhall, Kevin Smith

Start: Nate Burleson, Michael Crabtree, Chad Ochocinco
Sit: Braylon Edwards, Steve Smith (CAR) - though call me crazy, but I think Smith will surprise, Mohamed Massaquoi, DeSean Jackson

Start: Greg Olsen, Kellen Winslow
Sit: Jeremy Shockey, Dustin Keller

Start: Bengals
Sit: Saints

Start: Rian Lindell
Sit: no consensus

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Ryan said...

Sara, in our 96 team there going to be an alternate bracket set of games in Week 14, 15, 16, 17 for Owners of teams who did not win their Division?

My own team has just been eliminated mathematical this Week, because "Bookie" is going to win against "Planet 10". It's been fun yet one wildly up and down FF season in 2009. Thanks again,

UC Beach~