Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The ultimate gut call

I might have just done something a bit crazy: I turned down a great job offer this morning. Without getting into too much detail, I was offered a position at a library (let's call it Library A) here in NYC but I still have a final round interview with another library (Library B) that I believe is more in line with my long-term library career aspirations coming up in a few weeks. I really wasn't ready to pull the trigger on Library A before meeting again with Library B, and since Library A decided they couldn't wait until my Library B interview had concluded, I declined the offer. I feel a little nuts: a job in the hand is worth two in the bush, right? But I firmly believe that there are times when you just have to go with your gut and trust that circumstances will evolve as they're meant here's to Library B (or options C, D, and beyond!).

This of course is a perfect segue into fantasy football since I so often urge you all to go with your gut when faced with some tricky decisions. Use of the gut of course comes after you do your research, so let's research baby!

Oh and you guys rock - there are already nearly 250 votes in the FFL Readers' Choice poll after just 36 hours. Keep it coming!


paul said...

Just found your site, and I love it. A very nice compilation of diverse views on fantasy football. Keep up the good work, and best of luck with the Library B interview.

Ryan said...

I found your site during the offseason and haven't stopped reading since, thanks for the links!

Anyway, less of a comment on football, more about the job situation - I hope Library B works out for you! My fiancée (a newly graduated teacher) almost took a job at the beginning of this summer simply to have work, but it was far far away and a terrible fit. We sweated it out for 4 months and just before school started she landed a dream job just 10 minutes away! Hopefully this story provides a bit of encouragement to stick to your gut- hang in there.

Who Dey!

C.J. said...

How did your fantasy basketball draft turn out?

LestersLegends said...

Best of luck. I hope Library B works out. You're right sometimes you have to take risks and go with what you think is right.

NumbersAndGuts said...

Thanks for the link.

As far as the job situation, I'm a firm believer that as long as you're truly trying to move forward, life has a funny way of working out just as it's supposed to...even if that path wasn't originally the one you thought you should take.