Thursday, October 29, 2009

I want your opinion!

I've had an idea rumbling around in my head for awhile and think it's time for the 1st Annual FFLibrarian Readers' Choice poll. I want to know which fantasy sites and writers you all find the most helpful - and there's nothing like a good ol' fashioned poll. So here's the deal - I'm pulling together my poll right now using Google Docs (don't worry, you'll be able to answer with or without a google account) and am hoping to have the poll up and running for the entire month of November. In early December, I'll reveal the winners in each category. Now before I get too far into the poll I wanted to let you know the questions I'll be asking and give you a chance to respond in the comments section if there are any sites that I should be sure to include in the survey. I'm already including a lot (and I mean a LOT) of the obvious sites that I link to frequently, but please feel free you voice your opinions below just to be sure I cover all my bases! The questions will be:

  1. Which website featured on FFLibrarian is your overall favorite fantasy football resource?
  2. Which website featured on FFLibrarian has the best preseason rankings?
  3. Which website featured on FFLibrarian has the best waiver wire advice?
  4. Which website featured on FFLibrarian has the best start/sit advice?
  5. Which website featured on FFLibrarian has the best weekly rankings?   
  6. Which fantasy football columnist featured on FFLibrarian is your favorite? 
Hope you guys are as excited about this idea as I am!


Heine81 said...

I think the ones you put up are some of the best. SI's projections are crap - but their column (or blog) is pretty good. Ask the commish seems to be the most accurate but they make safe picks and it's a pay service.

Anonymous said...

#1. FFtoday

Thx for all you do.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see some podcast links !!! You mentioned the Bruno Boys and ! They do a podcast that Matthew Berry should listen I listen to Fantasy GridIron Live every Sunday morning at 10:00 am. Paul Greco, Marc Caviglia and Tony Cincotta..They take phone calls, the chat room is crazy and they are entertaining. Tony also goes sole on Wednesdays...The podcasts are awesome, fun and informative.


Anonymous said...

The funny part about this poll is that I would rank YOUR site as #1. You save me a ton of time and are just about the only resource I need.


Antonio D. said...

How about #7? Which IDP column...most helpful? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Rotoworld headlines. Awesome for scooping the competition.

Paul said...

Yeah, gotta include best IDP column since it's such a niche piece. I vote for Antonio! Hey Sarah, can we stuff the ballot boxes? Campaign for votes?

Jason Keller said...

I like a lot of the sites on here, but my thought is, a site at least has to know how to spell and make proper sentences and to be honest there are a few sites that frequent the Librarians list that don't. Those sites would never get my vote, especially those sites that spell players names wrong.

I like Brian's take on Fantasy Gridiron Live. To me best entertaining show on Sunday mornings. Lots of great info and very funny. The librarian knocked it out of the park when she was on. Insert brown nosing here.

Anonymous said...

Those RotoExperts guys are great with their spelling and grammar.

Anonymous said...

I really like Pigskinaddiction and fftoday and I like fantasy sharks too...I also frequent the askthecomish forums too

Anonymous said...

I love all the IDP help. The references used here seem to be right more often than not which is hard to find.
I also love the averaging of sit/start info out there.

Unknown said...

Don't know if U feature all of these, Sara. But here's my faves:

Overall favorite = FFToday

Best preseason ranks = Fanball

Best waiver advice = Through The Wire on FFToday

Best start/sit = FFLibrarian consensus start/sit

Best weekly rankings = yahoo

Fave columnist = TJ on FFToday and always like FFLibrarian's suggested articles in NY Times Fifth Down blog.

Jersey City said...

I would have to say has the best player rankings. They average 12 plus sites each week and over 40 for the draft. Also, ALL profits go to food banks to help those in need. I like the Bruno Boys analysis and your site for having a lot of info each day.

Unknown said...

Best Fantasy Live Blog? I know you don't cover them but they are out there ...

zach said...

i really like fantasyhulks for waiver advice

Anonymous said...

One of the things that really goes into a good site is the ability to adjust it to your league's scoring system so the preseason ranking and current rankings reflect the best players within your league. That can make a difference in leagues that are yardage heavy or limit QB's to only 3 points per TD.
As for news, what is most important to me is speed and accuracy. In some leagues where my waiver wire is first come first serve, a delay in a player's status update can kill the chances of getting his back up because somebody already grabbed him.

Unknown said...

The best and most accurate IDP blog/site is the one that you introduced: The Numbers & Guts IDP Wednesday.

I've been playing in an IDP league for several years and this one is one of the best.

The FantasyPros911 IDP Ranking is the WORST!!! They don't know what they are doing... very inaccurate... and rank based on name recognition instead of this years actual IDP peformance. You can drop those MOPES.

Anonymous said...

I find rankings by position, in general, pretty useless. Oh Peyton is ranked 1 over here and 6 over here. Who cares? You're starting him. I have to believe the toughest lineup calls come at the flex position, where the projected production isn't as clear. I wish sites would have a composite WR/RB flex ranking. For example, WR "A" is ranked 32nd and RB "B" is ranked 37th. But how do they rank compared to each other? Who would "they" start in the flex?

Brian Council said...

Well, this isn't for the librarian as much as it's for Andrew. First off you're a fool, probably someone from one the other sites trying to put hate on another. But that's cool. I will speak from my experience with that they've help me with my IDP's all season long.

But you're right Andrew name recognition, wouldn't want to play that right, dumb ass. Let's look closer at their Top 10. All have been the best at their positions all year long and your dumb ass is going to argue that Willis and Harris don't being at the top right. You're a fool. GO back to the crap site you came work for and man up and stop trying to bring down other sites.

Just saying

Anonymous said...

I personally think your site is the best! You are a one stop shop and I can navigate to wherever I want from there. I agree with fellow readers here with your consensus as well. Apart from your sites the two sites I really like are cbs sportsline and yahoo - not that their predictions are great/accurate just for information sake. But the bottomline is your site is the best! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I have to go with Jeff, Todd, and Aj rock. Mike Bowser's projections are the best as well. They really give you a complete picture of the fantasy week ahead.

Anonymous said...

Fantasy Knuckleheads said... for the waiver wire stuff of course

Unknown said...

hatty is good for waiver wire options

Anonymous said... is free and has good weekly columns, projections, rankings, etc. Good IDP stuff too. Their podcasts are absolutely phenomenal.

Unknown said...

Fantasy Football Fools is pretty solid, make sure they are up there too

Randy said...

I check this site most days and speed read the some/most of the links. Thanks!

I also watch ESPN's videos and read their articles and chat transcripts.

Beyond those, I'll take a sometimes look at Yahoo's and's stuff.

FWIW, I agree with Jason who mentioned the importance of spelling and grammar.

Along those lines, one thing that I've noticed that matters to me is site design -- user-friendliness, attractiveness, etc. While content is most important, if I can't find it or if it's a pain to read, or if it's ugly, I usually won't bother (or at least I will have a negative opinion of the site).

Anonymous said...

1. Which website featured on FFLibrarian is your overall favorite fantasy football resource?
A. FFlibrarian (seriously - #1!)
2. Which website featured on FFLibrarian has the best preseason rankings?
A. FFNerd, Bruno Boys, FF Toolbox
3. Which website featured on FFLibrarian has the best waiver wire advice?
A. Hatty, ESPN, The Hazean
4. Which website featured on FFLibrarian has the best start/sit advice?
A., Yahoo, FFLibrarian
5. Which website featured on FFLibrarian has the best weekly rankings?
A. FFNerd
6. Which fantasy football columnist featured on FFLibrarian is your favorite?
A. Don't really have a fav

Anonymous said...

1. ( but you only linked to them twice)

2. Fantasy Sharks
3. Yahoo
5. FootballNerd

Anonymous said...

I really like The Mac Bros. weekly rankings. They have saved my butt so many times. Oh, and of course fflibrarian.

Anonymous said...

The weekly video is always a great source for waiver wire scavengers and he answers your questions by email. It's my first stop every week on the waiver wire hunt, pssst but don't tell anyone in my league.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Mac Bros. have saved my butt a bunch of times with their start/sit too. And they've even e-mailed me personally when I needed some last minute advice.

Anonymous said...

I have learned a lot from Hatty's videos. He has been very helpful since I first found him through your links over a year ago and I think that it would be fair to say that some of his advice last year helped me win my first championship.

You have always made some really good resources available.

Anonymous said... and are hands down the two best in most of the categories.

His Name Was Rental said...

I really like the KFFL site. Tons of good fantasy information. I also get a great deal of useful info from Bruno Boys.

And I'm a big fan of FFToolbox.

Love the Librarian! Keep up your great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is eric from chicago and i like hatty waiver wire guru.

Anonymous said...

I'd go with the FFmaniaxs and the Monk man for IDP.
ESPN is good cept for the arrogant, not funny Matthew Berry. Tristan Crockett and Eric Karabell know their stuff.
Lets see how many analyst's have rung Stefania's Bell.
ESPN has sure gone beyond sports entertainment lately

Anonymous said... has some great rankings.

Anonymous said...

You're reading their stuff on Yahoo, ESPN and FoxSports and you probably don't even realize it.

NumbersAndGuts said...

Wow, I feel like my site is getting unjustly attacked in this post section right now.

To Andrew, thanks for the nice words. I promise you I'm trying and will continue to do so the rest of the way.

To Brian Council, my name is Justin Curry and I'm the one-man-show at Numbers and Guts. If you are somehow inferring that Andrew is in some way affiliated with my site, I can promise you that he is not as I have never heard of him before his post. Simply put, I'm in the business of building bridges, not burning them. Trust me, I know as much as anyone the amount of time that goes into providing content each week and would only compliment anyone that attempted to do so - even sites that are deemed competitors of mine.

With all that said, let me be clear, I wish nothing but the best, so lets eliminate Numbers and Guts from any conflict between the two of you and squash that idea right now.


Justin Curry