Friday, October 16, 2009

Contest updates and evening links

Lots of winners to announce today. Last week I ran three different FFLibrarian weekly contests with so I've got three winners:
1. Freeroll contest where you pick two from each offensive skill position: ziggy64
2. Late games challenge where you only pick from players in the late Sunday and Monday night games: Fantazzle
3. Points cap challenge where you pick your players within a points budget : Zrayed

Nicely done, all. Try your hand at the weekly contests if you haven't already - this week I'm just doing two - the pick two freeroll and the points cap. Click here and use the 6book password to participate.

In the 96-team monster FFLibrarian league the top 5 point scorers across all 6 conferences were:

  1. Steel Vipers - 187.75 points
  2. HitNRun - 165.05 points
  3. Blue Boy Bed & Breakfast - 140.65 points
  4. denverdelinquents - 137.15 points
  5. 3rd String Wannabe's - 135.50 points
Finally, a few links to wrap things up:


Unknown said...

i'm starting warner and fitz in a PPR who should fill in for wayne.... breaston caldwell or TO? i know i can't believe i have to consider TO with those 2 either....o

Anonymous said...

hasselback or palmer? what do you think

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Potlicker - I think I would go with either Breaston or T.O. Perhaps I'm being to optimistic about T.O. (and I do definitely have him benched in one of my leagues) so maybe Breaston is your best bet despite having so many other Cardinals. I think Caldwell is a little too inconsistent for me so go Breaston and hope for a scorefest in the air!

Anon - I'd go Hasselbeck but neither one is a bad start. HBeck just has lots more potential.