Monday, October 19, 2009

Scouring for new names on waiver wire

What a crazy Sunday. As evidenced by my picks in Fighting Chance Fantasy's Five Game Parlay for the week, I was pretty off on the outcome of a lot of games. And now I have to eat a brussels sprout. I'm not happy about this and my inner child is emerging ("does one bite count?" "what kind of a chaser food can I have ready?").Oh did this happen?

I had a great weekend with my mom in town though I did end up trading in some football for a trip to the MoMA, so I've been catching up on the big football news from yesterday. If you also missed any of the games yesterday, there are a few good recap articles out there. So onto today's links!

I'm sure my regular readers know how excited I am about tonight's MNF game - go Broncos!! Eddie Royal is tweeting how ready he is for the game with a link to the MNF theme song, and frankly I couldn't agree more!


LestersLegends said...

Good luck to your Broncos tonight.

Thanks for the link.

Les Savy Ferd said...

my wife and I have made this several times and we were both pleasantly surprised by how tasty it is. I was forced to have brussel sprouts all the time as a kid and hated them... this recipe makes them pretty good:

Unknown said...

Canned or fresh?
If fresh, steamed with a touch of butter & seasonings. Do not over cook. Not bad. Canned? Your bumming.

You going pull off win number two? Gotta be hard watching Brandon beating your 96 player league team.

Sean said...

I have 2 trades that I am discussing with 2 different owners. Do you think I should make them?

1st -
I give up D. Jackson
I get Mendenhall
*This deal is mine if I want it. The other guy said he'll accept it right away.

2nd -
I give up Portis and Sanana Moss
I get Steve Smith.
***I do not know if this guy will accept yet. Smith is currently getting shutout today and he said he'd 'consider it'.

I am desperately trying to trade Portis for the best available WR because by giving up Jackson I'm going to be very thin at WR.

Here is my current roster -
QB - Rivers
Flex - Favre
RB - Benson
WR - White
WR - Jackson
WR - Moss
TE - Shiancoe
K - Nedney
D - Vikings

B. Wells
F. Jones
S. Greene
M. Wallace
J. Gage
J. Hanson (1 week only for bye)

If I make both deals here would be new roster

This is a 12 team PPR league which allows us to play any position at Flex (4 points per pass TD, 6 points per rush/receiving TD)

LestersLegends said...

Sean - Personally I like your roster as is better. Getting Mendy would be nice, but you'd leave yourself awfully thin at WR.

I'd rather use a QB than a RB as my flex. I assume Favre has much more points than Mendy and probably even Benson.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Sean - I agree with Lester here, your roster now is better than it would be with a trade. Which Steve Smith is involved?