Friday, October 30, 2009

Consensus Start/Sit and more!

A few quick links before we get to the consensus start/sit for the week...
  • Need some IDP advice? Scope out FFManiaxs' Week 8 IDP Start/Sit.
  • Okay deep leaguers, you're going to want to pay attention to's blog post Don't overlook the fantasy football depths. Names that only those in the deepest of leagues should be interested in, fyi.
  • I was on GoGameFace's GameOn podcast earlier this week talking about how I got my start, my love for the Broncos, and my conviction that Austin Miles Miles Austin (ahh, gotta love a name screw up -I'll blame that on Austin Collie and my 8th grade boyfriend, Austin. Perhaps if I'd dated a Miles...) is a great start this week. Bonus? You get to hear Bill Root from, too. 
  • Speaking of podcasts, back in September I spoke with some of the Fantasy Football Tonight guys (thanks Ryan and Jeff!), but there are many, many podcasts to chose from, which is one of the great features offered from Fantasy Football Search.
Consensus time - remember, I've gone to each of the start/sit sites I linked to earlier this week and pulled together the players with the most start and sit votes for the week. They're listed here in no particular order:

Start: Brett Favre, David Garrard, Jay Cutler
Sit: Donovan McNabb, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, Matt Hasselbeck

Start: Steven Jackson, Matt Forte, Kevin Smith, Beanie Wells
Sit: Ryan Grant, Knowshon Moreno, Marshawn Lynch

Start: Austin Collie, Donnie Avery, Mike Sims-Walker, Devin Hester
Sit: Derrick Mason, Terrell Owens, Mario Manningham, both Steve Smiths (NYG and CAR), Ted Ginn Jr.

Start: Jeremy Shockey, Vernon Davis, Zach Miller
Sit: Tony Gonzalez, John Carlson, Visanthe Shiancoe, Todd Heap, Tony Scheffler

Start: Robbie Gould, Matt Prater
Sit: John Kasay

Start: Colts, Chargers, Bears, Cardinals
Sit: 49ers, Broncos


Hawgman said...

What do I do if all of my players are on the sit list????
I have Matt Ryan, Ryan Grant, Marshawn Lynch, Derrick Mason, and Steve Smith (NJ).
I really hate my match-ups this week. About the only no-brainers I have are MJD and Gates. The rest of them are just chuck'em in there and hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

Tony Gonzalez or Vernon Davis?
A good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless!
Your the best!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, fantasy football librarian mentioned here:

Unknown said...

I am always perplexed by the impractical sit advice from the experts. Show me the team that is deep enough to sit Derrick Mason or Steve Smith(s) in the dregs of bye week and I'll show you a team that is (a) running away with the championship anyway or (b) in serious need of making a trade.

Not to mention they were dead wrong besides.