Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get ready for Week 8 prep

I love my neighborhood - I think it's just beautiful. I felt this way as soon as laid eyes on it when we were apartment hunting this summer. There's just such an abundance of character between the brownstones, old apartment buildings, churches, banks, and even the court buildings. Now I'll be the first to admit that I didn't think anything in New York City could possibly top my Boulder foothills, and while Boulder still takes the cake, my Brooklyn 'hood is awesome in a totally different way. I was walking around in the cool drizzle here yesterday thinking about how absolutely lovely the changing leaves are, even on a soggy day...and it occurred to me: this is it. This is how autumn was meant to be.

And what makes autumn even better? Football. So let's get to today's links:

Will you all be tuning in to watch The League tonight? I'm headed to a concert so I've got it set to DVR - I'm intrigued, I admit it, despite this far less than awesome review.


Anonymous said...

Trade DeSean Jackson and Chester Taylor for Boldin and McCoy?

Fantasy Football First said...

Check out "5 Up and 5 Down" from .

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Just pointing out that I went to the first recommended site
and was confused by Ryan Grant being so highly ranked. He has not had an amazing season (although I played him last week with success) but this week he plays Minnesota. I do NOT think he will earn the 4th most fantasy points for a RB this week. Made me stop reading their site.

Anonymous said...

Funny the next site I visit, NY Times writes this:
Ryan Grant vs. Minnesota - Grant had 51 yards in their first meeting, and the Vikings are the fourth worst matchup for running backs.

Anonymous said...

Can't afford to have Jennings and Forte to roll over and play dead anymore. They have had their shots at a few cupcakes and not produced. It may be that limp-along Rodgers finally gets some contacts so he can see down-field but then some DL-man will run over him and he'll lose em. I cut both of em.

As for DeSean for LeSean and Taylor for Boldin ... why? Are you heavy in RBs and light on WRs? If so then do what you need to do.

Jason Keller said...

I like the matchup of Grant vs Minny at home. The guy above says "He has not had an amazing season" but Grant is averaging 13 points per game. Those are pretty decent numbers. Is he worth the 4th overall, maybe not, but you can't argue that he's not in the top 10. SO if he's no. 4 or no. 10 the difference is probably a point or so. I like the site Librarian, especially the IDP since my leagues carries 6 defensive players. Thanks for the link and all the hard work finding the sites. Makes things a lot easier.

Corey (FFGoat) said...

Thanks for the mention as always!