Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 7 with a dash of fantasy basketball

I have a whole new respect for double fantasy sports players - by that I mean those who are playing two different fantasy sports simultaneously. I've decided it's time to tango with another fantasy sport and since I dig basketball, I jumped in head first to an SI Friends & Family league, which started drafting a few days ago. Here's hoping I'm not way in over my head. Thanks to those of you that sent fantasy basketball resources my way - I'll be getting a post up (hopefully this week!) with feedback on my favorites so far just in case any fantasy basketballers out there are interested.

Some good games and some serious blowouts yesterday - I thought I'd get started today with a few injury updates and then dive right into the rest of the links:


Anonymous said...

Looking for thoughts on a trade I'm thinking of proposing. Standard scoring league w/no Int penalty on QBs. I give up Schaub, Kevin Smith & Roddy White for MJD, McNabb & Santonio Holmes. Clear upgrade for them at QB & WR (though White has a bad remaining schedule). I have Cutler as a backup so I think I can do almost as well w/a platoon of him & McNabb as I am w/Schaub now. I am sick of playing the Kevin Smith guessing game, and will still have Steven Jackson & Andre Johnson at my other RB & WR positions. Am I crazy? Am I offering enough to get MJD? Thanks for your thoughts.

Fantasy Football First said...

I would do that trade if I was you. I would be surprised if the other team did it as you should never really trade a top 5 RB as consistent as MJD.

Fantasy Football First said...

If you like checking out waiver wire columns early in the week, has their week 8 waiver wire pick up column posted. thank you