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Bringing the heat!

After a long weekend in Tennessee, my husband and I returned home last night to a chilly, autumnal New York City. We walked into our apartment and realized that for the first time in over a decade, since those good ol' college dorm years, we have no control over our own heat. This is old hat to NYCers I'm sure, but I stared down the radiator in the bedroom last night, looking and then groping the thing for anything that would even remotely feel like an on-off dice, nada. But not too long after we got home and sat shivering on the couch, a lovely clanking sound began and that new-heat-burning-dust smell filled the apartment. Ahh, sweet sweet heat. That said, this morning those lovely radiators no longer seem to be emitting warmth. It's going to take me awhile (and many layers?) before I get a grasp on the inner workings of our heat. So not in my realm of past experiences.

Anyway, I'm back in town, have unpacked my tiny travel bag, and am ready for a new week of fantasy football! I put up a bunch of waiver wire links yesterday and have a few more today, but lots of other stuff as well. I've pretty much got waivers coming out my ears right now so I'm in the market for some new material.


Anonymous said…
Hey FFL,

Help!! I am being offered Chris Johnson and Todd Heap for Ronnie Brown and Antonio Gates. Would you make this trade? Thanks in advance for your response.
Joe said…
I've also got a trade question if anyone here wouldn't mind throwing in some input.

I was offered Greg Jennings, Leon Washington, and Reggie Bush for my Ahmad Bradshaw and Braylon Edwards.

This is a PPR league where we play 3 WR, 2 RB, and 1 FLEX.

My other WRs are Ward, Sims-Walker, Roddy White, and Burleson.

My RBs are Brandon Jacobs (Bradshaw is my handcuff there), Ryan Grant, McFadden, Donald Brown, Jerome Harrison, Fred Jackson.

I love Jennings but wasn't sure if it's too much of a risk to let go of Bradshaw since I have Jacobs.

LestersLegends said…
Anonymous - I think I make that deal. RB is a beast and is way more like to get the ever important TD.

Joe - that's a tough one but having ward, roddy, and jennings is nasty to go with jabod, grant, and the great options you have for that flex spot. I think I might bite personally.

Thanks for posting the roundtable FFL, ye of the 5-0 Broncos who beat my Pats.
Anonymous said…

I shuffle through a million sites daily to get the latest FF news, waiver wire, rankings etc. I am interested in your opinion. As far as rankings go, who do you consider to be the best/most accurate. What about best FF website overall? Basically if you had to choose a best FF site overall, your chocie...

P.S. What's your opinion on cbs's rankings by Richard and Jamie?
Anonymous said…
Thanks LestersLegends. To clarify your response, is RB being used as reference to Ronnie Brown or the running back position in general? I am giving up Brown/Gates to acquire Chris Johnson/Heap. I forgot to mention that this is a PPR league. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks again.
Joe said…
Anon- I would keep Brown/Gates over Johnson/Heap. Sure Johnson's big weeks will be huge, but there's also going to be some disappointing weeks in there especially if the Titans keep falling behind. I traded away Brown on one team and am kind of regretting it, he's been way more consistent than I ever thought and would take the chance it keeps up.

I guess I would look at those two as a push so it comes down to Gates and Heap. What do you think Heap would do for you? I don't think it would be much at all while Gates is still a top 3 TE at least. There's a big gap there.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Joe...great point!
Traci said…
Welcome to NY winter. I hope your landlord is nice and doesn't follow the heat laws to the letter. Do you know they only have to heat your apt to 55 degrees at night in the winter?!
Mike said…
Hello Librarian!

I'm currently on a 0-2 run even though I am the highest scoring team in my league. Argh...

So my dilemma is whether to start Ray Rice or Clinton Portis. Portis has the better matchup but I love me my Rice... even going up against MIN.

What do you think?
Anonymous said…
Also, with the radiators you need to purge each radiator to make sure that it is filled w/ water. There should be a key that will unscrew a little nozzle on the side to let water out. Just open the nozzle (have a cup ready underneath) and once the water starts to flow close it up.
Bobbert said…
Hello FFL / Everyone!

Need some advice on who to keep at my QB spot, currently I have Cutler, Hasselbeck and Garrard. I am going to end up keeping Cutler for the long haul but I am in need of freeing up a roster spot and Hasselbeck or Garrard has got to go...

In this case, who would you drop? This is in a double points for touchdown league which makes me lean more toward Hasselbeck. All input is greatly appreciated!
Unknown said…
@Bobbert Double points for TDs!! Keep H-Beck. Burly-man and Housh are legit targets.

@Mike Rice has a poor matchup on paper but I think you start him. McGahee has been MIA the past two weeks and Portis is still battling injuries. Rice can still get it done through the air if the ground game is not there.

@Anon1 Close call. In a PPR league, I give the edge to Chris Johnson over Brown. His schedule is smooth sailing from here on out and as Henne gets more comfortable, Miami will rely on Wildcat less. That said, Gates to Heap is a significant enough drop that you probably just hold. (Wow, can't believe I just said that.)

@Joe I'm worried about your RBs and you'd be getting a lot of non-performers in the deal. Jennings has not seen the ball much because Rodgers has no time to throw. Leon is the most exciting guy there, but Bradshaw negates him. I'd say no or make a counteroffer.
Mike said…

Thanks for the input. I think playing Rice makes more sense as well. In fact, I had just re-plugged him into my lineup right before coming here to read your response! :)
Kevin said…
Has anyone seen/done any research on Fantasy Points per Target? I think if we could find a WR whose targets avg is up from last year(shows that the staff has faith in him), but whose Fantasy Points per Target avg is down (meaning he is currently under producing); we could then lock in on WR to focus on for trade purposes. I believe Eddie Royal fits this bill, but who else?
First off, three cheers for Lester's Legends, Joe, and anthonycheng for pitching in with advice here - much appreciated. I agree with what these guys have said but just to add my two cents...

Anon - I'd keep Brown/Gates for sure for reasons already stating above.

Joe - tough one...Jennings gets to face Detroit, Cleveland and TB over the next month. That's hard to pass up. Trading Bradshaw away is tough but I think it's worth the risk personally.

Anon - best FF site? That's incredibly hard. I do an accuracy challenge every year (here's 2008: and within a year or two I should have some really solid trends on which sites are best year after year. As for my favorites, there are so many good qualities about lots and lots of sites. I love Rotoworld and The Huddle but there are so many other sites out there with awesome qualities (FFToday and FFNerd come to mind immediately). It feels a bit like picking my favorite child. Yup, I'm crazy I know. As for CBS, they're pretty consistent and offer up pretty standard rankings. You won't find anything too crazy with them; get your "safe" rankings there.

Mike - Portis has gone up against some easy run defenses over the past few weeks without a ton of success so I'm going with Rice here. I think he can put up at least 55 yards on the ground and toss in about as many in the air.

Bobbert - I agree, keep Hasselbeck for sure.

Kevin - this is a great idea. I don't think anyone has done this yet but I'd be happy to look into it. I'll pull this together for my article either this week or next with the Bruno Boys. Thanks for the article fodder!
LestersLegends said…
Anon - I meant RB as Ronnie Brown. I read it wrong. I'd keep Brown and Gates.

I may give Portis one last chance against the Chiefs. A lot has come out about him being overweight. I think he'll respond to the challenge.
Bobbert said…
Thanks much for the input @anthonycheng.cls / @Fantasy Football Librarian !

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