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Lots of start/sit advice for Week 7

So I attacked my brussels sprouts consumption challenge with vigor last night. To many of you this might seem like a small task, but those who knew me in my youth (and my mom in particular) perhaps understand the undertaking that this was for me. I like to refer to myself as someone with a sensitive palate; my family just calls me a picky eater. I have of course progressed quite a bit since my youth but just to give you a sense of my picky eating (and my stubbornness), I didn't eat pizza until I got to college. Yeah, I said it. No pizza. My worst years were my elementary school years: I was that kid at birthday parties who showed up already fed; the one with a PB&J sandwich in my lunch box at a restaurant while the rest of my family ate normally; the one that possibly offended her grandmother with her refusal to eat more than one pea. Yes, I was a joy to feed. The good news for those parents out there with picky eaters is that we grow up and accept that spinach is a treat, lima beans are delicious, Indian food is tasty, and damn that pizza sure tastes good.

Point being, I played the role of Brussels Sprouts Chef last night and determined that you can dress up a sprout all you want - but it's still a sprout. I used two recipes, the better one being a variation of a recipe that a reader posted here on my site (thank you Les Savy Ferd!) and the first few bites really weren't that bad. The second recipe had such promise (it included pine nuts, apples, honey - those are all tasty items!) but it failed miserably. I've sent photo documentation of the evening to Fighting Chance Fantasy, which will probably go up tonight with the next set of bets in the Five Game Parlay series - here's hoping my picks this week will be a bit more accurate.

Moving on to today's start/sit and other great links:

I'll be back with the consensus start/sit either later today or tomorrow. Enjoy your Friday!


Unknown said…
Okay, but how did your final interview go?
Did you ace it?
Les Savy Ferd said…
Thanks for the shout out, Ms Librarian. We last used that recipe around Thanksgiving, to give another option to vegetarians amongst us. It was actually a hit. However I've yet to be able to stomach any other sprouts recipe, period. yuck.

good luck this week.
Interview went really well but I probably won't hear anything for a few weeks since they still have the rest of their candidates coming in. Thanks for asking, John!

And LSF, for what it's worth my vegetarian husband wolfed down the remainder of the sprouts recipe from you!
Unknown said…
Thanks, as always, for passing along my start/bench link ( Just wanted to let you know that the roundtable article at is a weekly feature that rotates hosting among the sites involved. Always fun to bring different opinions together.
This is a great list of start/sits, thanks for putting it together! It's always good to get different opinions when it comes to fantasy football—the game can be so volatile sometimes.
The Don said…
Your CBS link points to Brunoboys. Just an FYI... Thanks again for all you do. I'm a huge fan.
Ryan Hallam said…
Hey Les,I am the host of the parlay article in which Sara had to face her sprout demons. I put up my own sprout bet this week in the Parlay since Sara was such a trooper and followed through on her word. Hopefully not, but I might be needing that recipe before too long too. I still can't see the Rams covering against the Colts, but who thought the Raiders would have beaten Philly? I hope the recipe is good because I would say I am closer to a meatatarian than I am a vegatarian.

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