Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 7 (already?!) prep

This might be a quick post - I've got a final round interview with a library here in NYC and need to head out the door before long. I'll try to get another post up this afternoon with more links plus some info on this week's FFLibrarian weekly contest with 365FantasySports (password is book7 for you eager beavers out there).

Last night I had about 17 different windows open on my computer, working on a presentation that's part of my interview today, working on my Bruno Boys article, and working on my links for the NY Times' Fifth Down. My night work session was peppered with cheers from our downstairs neighbor who is quite clearly a Yankees fan. Speaking of baseball, big night tonight in our house since my husband is a big Dodgers fan...

Anyway, here are some quick morning links:

Finally, I'm playing a new fantasy sport this year, my fine readers: fantasy basketball. I'm starting the prep but would love to hear about any favorite fantasy basketball sites that you all use. Not sure I'm ready to whip up a Fantasy Basketball Librarian site quite yet, but that's on the horizon.


LestersLegends said...


I do fantasy basketball coverage.

Some sites I enjoy:

Jason said...

I'm trying fantasy basketball for the first time this year also. Would love any links or insight you have. Thanks Sara!

NumbersAndGuts said...

Good luck on your interview and thanks for the link.

Justin Curry

Fantasy Football First said...

If you are looking for some more Week 7 player rankings, has theirs posted. We also link to the FFLibrarian! Thanks.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks Lester. I knew you covered fantasy bball, and trust me, that will be one of my go-to sites for sure!

Jason, I'll probably post about fantasy basketball every once in awhile and will be sure to link out to my favorites.

Brandon, said...

Thanks for the link!

Just saw this post and thought of your site...maybe you could customize the shirt or something, hah. said...

In addition to, I also like

FYI, we will be running BOTH daily fantasy NBA and NCAA contests at

Hope you will join us for hoops as well! :) - David

(Hope thie interview went well!)

Anonymous said...

FHoops sites for beginners that I *strongly* recommend:
Start here. Period.
(especially if you play H2H or if you have any unusual league scoring options) BBM is a free site with option to pay for premium services. I've never upgraded there, but the free stuff is so good that I almost want to upgrade just to say Thank You. Use the 'values' option, which tells you whether Dirk's 88% FT is better than Kevin Martin's high volume 86%...

For more intermediate FCagers (to form your own opinions about rookies and 2nd/3rd year players - especially for keeper leagues)

Enjoy fantasy basketball, and don't hesitate to pm Dangerous Beans / Sicksers! / EshInPennsyltucky for hoops advice.