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Abundance of Week 4 Advice

Greetings from my couch where I'm holed up with a box of kleenex, a laptop, and a remote control. Oh and a lot DayQuil. Perhaps all the traveling finally got to my immune system - I'm down for the count with a full-blown cold. In this age of swinexiety (swine + anxiety) I can safely assure you all that this is just a cold, but it is still no fun at all. Silver lining? I'm not going anywhere today so I might actually catch up on fantasy football e-mails (though fair warning that I might be in a bit of cold meds haze...)!
Time for today's links:
  • Looking for Week 4 position rankings? Take a look at Fantasy Hulks - RBQB, WRTE (wow, Denver best vs TE in the whole league?!), and D/ST.
  • The Fifth Down's Week 4 in Fantasy Football Matchups is up which includes my three links of the week. Plus the Sablich guys are great at responding with start/sit advice so by all means, post your questions in the comments section!
  • I like boldness in the FF realm so I recommend scoping out Fantasy Football Out on a Limb from Lester's Legends. See which high profile players will be outplayed this week.
  • Love seeing an IDP focus from SI - Eight in the Box: IDP Report includes analysis on both some fairly well-known players and lesser-known names.
  • I did indeed go 3-0 in my Buffalo Wild Wings league and I'm psyched. I'm debating whether to play Gage or Addai in my flex RB/WR spot - if you've got an opinion, head on over to my blog post on the BWW site and let me know what you'd do!
Today's start/sit links:
If you've got a start/sit question, leave it in the comments section and I'll be around to give you my best shot. Come Sunday I'm often far more concerned about how my start/sit advice goes rather than my own fantasy players - so you can trust I do my research!


Anonymous said…
Hi Sara,

I need to fill two RB slots with the following three players. Please help!

Clinton Portis
Tashard Choice
Knowshon Moreno

Hmm, well this is tough since I feel like Portis *should* be one of your starters against an awful Bucs run defense...but his ankles are in bad shape and his game hasn't been the same this year. He certainly didn't explode against the Lions or the Rams, so expecting more this week might be overly optimistic. So I think I'd go with Choice and Moreno and hope for a matchup full of runs.
Anonymous said…
Hello FF Librarian!

Cutler vs. Schaub? I'm starting Schaub, but Cutler has been heating up and I like the match-up this week.

Also, I need 2 RB's from

F. Jackson

I'm starting Barber/Choice and Portis, but I'm tempted to put in Rice in his place b/c of the ankles.

What do you think?

Thanks for the help!
Anonymous said…
I'm playing Jacobs against KC. I also need to play 1 of the following:

M. Bush

Any thoughts?
Anonymous said…
Sara, really enjoy your site! I really want to pick up Glen Coffee but reluctant to drop any of my RBs:
DAngelo Williams
Ryan Grant
Willie Parker (no, I didn't play im last week!)
Donald Brown
Julius Jones

because I'm sure someone will scoop them up.


Thanks, Mary
1st anon - I'd go with Cutler. On average the Lions are allowing 3 passing TDs per game and you're right, he's been en fuego. My guess is that Schaub won't be a bad start at all just not as good s Cutler. As for your RBs, harder choice but I think I'd go with Portis over Rice. The Pats just aren't giving up a lot of rushing yards (the most than any 1 runner has put up is 58 yards). Keep an eye on Portis and as long as he's expected to play and is in decent shape, I'd start Portis over Rice (btw, sounds like it's more his calf than ankles that are the problem:

2nd anon - I'd go with Moreno but Choice is tempting. If I'm just being an uber-Broncos fan with my Moreno pick here, someone else please correct me!

Mary - I'm least excited about Julius Jones. I think he had one solid game but could easily fade away again. It might hurt to drop him after such a great game but I feel pretty confident that Coffee will put up better numbers.
Unknown said…
Hey, I really like your site too and have turned a bunch of people onto it. Can you help me pick 3: S.Jackson, DMC, Coffee, CedBen. (I also have Larry Johnson who I am trying to get Braylon Edwards for but not having any luck). Whatchu think?
Another link for some FF advice. has their week 4 player rankings, start/sit, waiver wire and Survivor pool picks up.
John Compton said…
Hey Sara, I hope your enjoying New York. Rachel told me about your site and I love it. Any thoughts on who you would go with between Roy Williams or Nate Burleson?
Anonymous said…
Hi Sara,

Love your site. I check it everyday. I'm in a 16 team PPR league. I have Ochocinco and Mason starting. For my flex, should I start Bobby Wade or Austin Collie?

Anonymous said…
Need 2 of the following:

Amad Bradshaw
Ray Rice
Donald Brown
Fred Jackson

Thanks for all the great info.
Anonymous said…
out of these three: choice, mcfadden, and benson. which two would you go with?
MikeD - thanks for sharing the site! Those are some pretty good options this week but I think I'd go with Benson, Jackson, and DMC. All 4 should be solid but I think the matchups and skills of those three are the best.

John - great to hear from you! A belated congrats and hi to Rachel. I'd roll with Burleson here - he's getting lots of looks from Wallace and I imagine that SEA might end up throwing a lot. Not sure either one will give you a ton of yards, but Burleson seems like the most promising.

Hi Jonah - tough one. Wade would be my pick but he faces the Giants; not good for Wade. But Collie is too much of a wildcard - he really hasn't shown a whole lot yet despite all his one-on-one work with Peyton. I think if you're feeling super risky you could go for Collie but Wade is more likely to at least get a few points for you.

Anon - I'd go with Bradshaw and Jackson. Lynch's return makes the Jackson call a little dicey but I think his numbers will be just fine.

Another Anon - Benson and McF, both have really solid matchups and don't have to share time with Barber.
Jay said…
Hey Sara,

love the site. Would you start vernon davis or kellen winslow at TE

Also, I have a decision at QB between Romo and Roethlisberger in one league and Romo or Carson Palmer in another.

Let me know what you think,
Anonymous said…
Hi Sara, Love your site!

With GORE out im having some issues at RB.. Im going to hope Slaton finally has a good game but my RB2 choices are

Reggie Bush, Jerome Harrison (WW pick up) or Beanie Wells.... Not alot of RBs left on the WW

Its a PPR league, standard scoring...Thoughts??
Anonymous said…
What's Up Sara,
Ok, so I need 2 RB, 2 WR, and a flex so I need to kick one of these players out.
Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Chad Ochocinco, MJD, Steve Slaton, Ryan Grant.
I like them all! I did not play Andre the week he went off so I am scared to bench him even though he will have Asomugha covering him. I like Slaton against Oaks Run D, I like MJD but dont like Tens Run D. I really like 85 against Cle. Grant I am unsure of. It is a big game but he does not run as well in away games and indoors.
What are your thoughts.

Ethan - From ID :)
PS Danno sounds like a total Douchebag!
PPS Nice job so far in the BWW League!
Anonymous said…
Hi Sara,

I need to fill a flex position with 1 of the following 4 RB's. This is for a PPR league. The choices(literally) are:

Tashard Choice
Fred Jackson
Leon Washington
Michael Bush

Anonymous said…
Hi Sara,
Love your site,lots to look at.
Receivers are my problem this week.
I have A.Johnson,P.Garcon, N.Burleson,E.Bennett,C.Henry
Which 2 should I play?
Jay - How risky are you feeling? The Rams have been burned by TEs in the past making Davis the better play on paper. But he's let me down so many times in the past that I'm hesitant to recommend him. Winslow might benefit from a QB that may rely heavily upon him, so I think he's guaranteed to have at least a few points. Davis is your big risk, big potential play though. As for your QB question, I think I'd go Big Ben in one and Romo in the other. I like Ben's matchup better than Romo's (ha! that's fun for this Broncos fan to say); but think the Bengals might not need Palmer to throw much against the Browns.

Anon - Wells is on bye and with the PPR situation I think I'd go with Bush over Harrison. To be honest, that's a close call though so go with your gut.

Ethan - Ryan Grant would be my sit, I think. You've highlighted the reasons but I really just think the Minn rushing game is a tough one. Good to hear from you!

Mark - All but Bush are facing rush defenses that so far are proving to be fairly tout. But I think I'd go Fred Jackson. I know and like his potential and while the Dolphins have been pretty strong against the run - and Lynch is back - I think he might be the best call. Call it gut.

Anon - I like Johnson, Garcon and Burleson the best and I think I'll narrow it down to Johnson and Burleson bc Indy won't need to pass nearly as much as Seattle will.

Good luck all!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the advice, Sara!


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