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Stolen content

Now I'm pissed. And I don't recommend pissing off a librarian with a cold-that's-now-a-fever-too with some ridiculous, blatant copyright infringement. A site called "danno recommends" (I refuse to even link to it since I'd then be driving traffic to that moron) has stolen my post word-for-word and is posting it under his byline. No mention of my site at all. Not cool. If anyone knows Danno, tell him what I think about him and that if he doesn't stop, I will find him and I will stop him myself. I might be small, but don't mess with my FF content. Plus this comes on the heels of my buddies at FFGeekBlog having the same problem of a site ripping off their content.

Many thanks to my fine friends at Lester's Legends for alerting me to the stolen content. Let's all do Lester a favor and swing by his site as a sign of gratitude. Lots of good stuff there like the Rotoprofessor's Week 4 Sleepers and other gems.


I will spread word that this thief ripped you off!!!
Anonymous said…
You are my # 1 source. There is only one librarian ! - Zac from Michigan.
Anonymous said…
I just checked his site, that dude even has this post of 'stolencontent' on his site...not cool infact dumb!
Anonymous said…
Stolen anything lately? How about a post by the Fantasy Football Librarian? If you can't come up with your own words, too D_mn Bad! Don't steal somebody elses work and claim it's your own.

You are SO LAME!!!

Now, don't get your pink panties in a twist, just stop stealing other people's work!!!
Anonymous said…
Uhh, oops! Meant to post that (see post above) at HIS site, but got caught up reading these comments and uh... never mind.
LestersLegends said…
Glad I could help out. I know how much work you must do compiling this info for everyone and it's ridiculous that someone would just take it.
Thanks guys - love the support, you're great!
Anonymous said…
That's lame. you do SO much frickin good work for the FFL community & post your info here for free, saving tons of folks hours of time every week...that's just completely weak that someone would do that.

It's like stealing from Santa - it's not right dammit!
Randy said…
Unfortunately, if I understand correctly, this is extremely common. Check out this site for more info on "splogs" (span blogs), which reports a study that says 56% of blogs are splogs.

The site also says:

"Splogs effectively steal a portion of your blog’s search engine ranking, traffic and ad revenue."

I've seen content from my blog posted on various splogs as well. You're right, it's not cool. But unfortunately, I'm not sure there's much that can be done about it. :-(
Randy said…
Ah, to follow-up. I finished reading the site I linked to after I submitted my comment. Actually, the site does give some tips on fighting back against sploggers toward the end of the article.

I was working off old info (from the last time I research this topic).
Barbhaya said…
This is my first time playing fantasy football and I really like your blog. It is the Google News of Fantasy Football.
It is very helpful at least for someone who wants to do a little homework.
I have been reading it very often in the past few days to stay ahead.Well done.
-CAB from OK
bobisimo said…
Here's your post at another site. :p Spam blogs are bad.
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure I fully understand this. If you go to that guy's site and click "read the rest" on each just links to your site....which is full of links to other people's sites.
Is it just me? Really? Really?
Anonymous said…
It might be time to leave Blogger and use a more 'secure' blogging platform like Wordpress. Thank you for your awesome research - it's my first stop for go FF info!!
Lee said…
It's not a security issue that has anything to do with Blogger. What Danno has going there appears to be an RSS importer that automatically posts from entered RSS feeds. Rotoworld is also being posted.

A lot of fantasy sites provide feeds from other fantasy sources...Problem is Danno is putting them as posts..."by Danno" and it doesn't appear that his goal is to feed people fantasy football info but to feed his wallet by clicks on those Google ads that are surrounding the headlines.

I don't know if they still do it (since being Googleized) but Feedburner used to have a thing you could do to report if you think your feed is being used inappropriately.
Les Savy Ferd said…
I seem to be fighting the same cold/fever thing you are and I must say we're all behind you Librarian!
Unknown said…
Hey librarian, let him have it. I only hope your site does not get so well known to my FF competition .

Props to Lester's Legends...also a great site; especially nostalgia for baseball the way it used to be.
Eric said…
It looks like Danno has your site on an RSS feed onto his own. Even the copyright infringment article is posted on his site. What an idiot. Thanks for your collection Librarian! Your rock

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