Monday, October 12, 2009

5-0 Broncos!

Waahaahaaha! The Broncos are 5-0!! I mean no offense to my sister and other Pats fans but I'm so psyched about yesterday's win. So good! As evidenced by my extreme usage of exclamation points here. I didn't catch the game other than about 2 minutes (so yes, I saw the ridiculous socks) since yesterday was my husband's grandmother's funeral (sorry to those I didn't respond to with start/sit advice) but I have it DVRed and waiting for me back at home. I'm still in Tennessee until tomorrow afternoon and my postings today and tomorrow are going to be on the late side - good thing there are lots of great sites to scope out.

  • Fantasy Hulks reviews the Sunday games and flaunts the Miles Austin call they made in Mr. Monday Morning: Week 5.
  • FFGeekBlog lists all of the 2 TD receivers yesterday in Receivers gone wild! Wow.
  • Rotoworld has a nice review of 5 games yesterday in Cardiac Cats Strike Again.
  • Another great wrap-up of the Week 5 games from Football Outsiders - Audibles at the Line.
  • The Fifth Down's Is Anyone Afraid of the Broncos? provided me with a little snippet of McDaniels and his post-game celebration. Mine was somewhat similar (but not quite as many full-body fist pumps) as we cruised through rural Tennessee and I got game updates from my iPhone.
  • Fighting Chance Fantasy asked a handful of us to participate in his Five Game Parlay competition - last week was my first week and I didn't do so well. Fortunately I'm on the rebound this week, especially if the Jets win by more than 1.5 points.
  • Monday Morning Rehab from The Hazean reviews Megatron's knee situation and updates on Coffee, Cotchery, and Eli.
  • A few waiver thoughts:
  • MMQB's Broncos, Bengals open some eyes with impressive Week 5 wins - I learned a little something about Orton: his first pick all season came at the end of the first half this week. There's a lot of Orton love oozing out of Peter King right now.
  • Love how quickly Hatty Waiver Wire Guru has his Week 6 Studs, Starts, Sleepers and Bench players up for this next weekend's games. Keep in mind that he'll be adjusting the names here as the week progresses.
I'll have suffered my first loss in the BWW All-Star Blogger League this week (can I blame it on Rodgers being on a bye?) and my first win in the FFLibrarian monster league. Toss in a 5-0 Broncos and a 4-2 Northwestern Wildcats and this was a fairly successful football weekend for me; I'll take that!


LestersLegends said...

Congrats to your Broncos. As a Pats fan, it's tough to fall to them, but I have to give your guys credit.

I listed my Get 'em or Don't Sweat 'em waiver wire picks for Week 5 here if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

I'm OK with giving you your first win in the 96-er league, even kind of OK with the Broncos winning (big, big game coming next Monday) because it looks like I'm going to win in my main league despite Calvin Johnson and Mike Sims-Walker being two of my three starting WRs. Roddy White took good care of me for my faith in him.


Unknown said...

We also have our weekly wrap-ups posted. They are quick reads that help you stay current:

Early Game Recap: Week 5
Late Game Recap: Week 5

Anonymous said...

for a very funny take on fantasy football....go to pigskin addiction and read...wthh....hope its ok to post this...i still have nightmares about my grade school librarian...dont need to piss off another one...

MM said...

Thanks, as always!

Fantasy Football First said... has posted week 6 waiver wire pick ups. thank you

Sean T said...

Need a little help...Roy Williams, Maclin, and Miles Austin all available (I have top priority). Who do you want more going foreward?