Monday, October 05, 2009

Time to get your waiver on

I'm SportsCentering it up right now, catching up on highlights from yesterday's games, which are of course peppered with some somewhat painful Chris Berman "and there goes Matt Forte, running is his forte" classics. You can't imagine my delight at being able to watch every moment of the Broncos vs Cowboys game yesterday from the comfort of my own home. No highlight reel or special sports bar trip necessary for this Broncos fan! I did check out two new sports bars this weekend though: Ocean's 8 in Park Slope at a reader's suggestion for some college football and St. Mark's Ale House in the East Village for Sunday Night Football - two totally different feels but I liked them both; too bad both are a train ride away.

Now let's all pause for a moment and relish the Broncos' 4-0 status. It's a thing of beauty. Who knew?

Thank you all for humoring me there, we can move onto today's links:

  • There are a handful of good recaps out there. First up, Fantasy Hulks' Mr. Monday Morning: Week 4. It's a nice little reminder of how badly Mendenhall, Gates, and Calvin Johnson beat up on my fantasy teams this weekend. Let's just say only a small number of my fantasy leagues are likely to emerge unscathed this week.
  • Check out's First Response: Forte, Slaton pick it up, which includes a few names you might want to think about adding to your squad.
  • For a review of new injuries, see Rotoworld's Week 4 bumps and bruises.
  • Some good game nuggets (and harsh words for McFadden) from Fantasy Joe's Slaton comes out strong, unlike McFadden.
  • Now, waiver wire time:
    • The Bruno Boys have their Pick Them Up (note, if you're desperate for a TE, check out their advice) and Cut Them Loose articles ready to roll.
    • FootballDocs of course have their Waiver Wire advice up already - note, this is the first week they'll be posting their drop suggestions, which will go up later today.
    • ProFootballWeekly's Fantasy Ticker: Week Five has your "hot purchases" as well as buy low and sell high candidates.
    • Fanhouse's Waiver Wire Wonders: Mr. Massawho? doesn't include any new names from the other links above, but might give you some new reasons or inspiration for upgrading your team.


bigboid said...

I do have to admit, I was in the "prove it first" camp when it came to Steve Slaton this past week, despite his name showing up on everybody's Start list. His rushing yardage was pretty pitiful in the first three games, and he hadn't sniffed the end zone, so I had him on my bench against the Raiders. That'll teach me to bench anybody playing Oakland!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara,

I have Roy Williams of the Cowboys, He has had only one good week. Is he worth holding onto?

Anonymous said...

Bigboid, the Texans running game was hurt by the lose of their Center to an "High Ankle Spain" early this season. It really won't matter who the put in as RB, because the O-line simply isn't as good with the backup center directing the blocking. A high ankle spain can take up to a year to heal, too.

Steve Slaton, simply got hurt by that one O-Line injury unfortunately, because the Texans lack the depth there.

Anonymous said...

FFLibrarian, your now 0-4 after four games in your 96 player league. What happened to your chances?!?!

Lacking waive wire action?