Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I'm 4-0! Oh....and 0-4

Well for every big win somewhere there's a big loss, right? I'm now 4-0 in the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Blogger League and am thrilled that Aaron Rodgers pulled through with a pretty decent fantasy outing (he threw for a career high of 384 yards)...but I'm also an embarrassing 0-4 in my own monster 96-team FFLibrarian League. I suppose I'd rather be doing well in the league where I'm gunning for a trip to Miami during the Super Bowl but frankly I'd like to win everywhere! The rest of my leagues are far more pedestrian with a smattering of 1-3, 2-2, and 3-1 records. So here's hoping you all are sitting pretty with 4-0 records.

Now Rodgers has a bye next week so I've got my eye out on QBs right now in particular - let's do a quick new round-up of QBs from CBSSports.com. First up, Donovan McNabb. I'm quite eager for his return and it looks like he's expected to play this weekend. Meanwhile Coach Mora is optimistic that Matt Hasselbeck will also return this week and the Titans are planning on sticking with Kerry Collins.

Let's start off the rest of the links with some waiver wire advice:

  • The Sports Outlaw's Waiver Wire - Week 5 is feeding into my growing Kenny Britt love. 
  • In Waiver Wire Work for Week 5, Pigskin Addiction throws in some unexpected names like Lamont Jordan, Vince Young, and Rashad Jennings.  
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Week 5 waiver thoughts are up in video style. Remember, Hatty specializes in deep league suggestions.  
  • Get your waiver thoughts from NFL.com via video or text in RBs Mendenhall, Harrison will be hot names on fantasy waiver wire - though I think you're a lucky FFer if either one is still available in your league. 
  • Rotoworld's Early Waiver Wired Look has a snapshot of everything that deep and shallow leagues might need. Check back later today for the full column.  
  • Finally, if you'd like even more links out to the expert waiver advice of the week, see what the Washington Post's Fantasy Check has pulled together in Wired Up: Week 5.
A few more solid links you'll want to check out:
  • I don't think I've linked to Junkyard Jake's Pass Targets chart before but it's a particularly good one since it includes data for the season and the current week. Plus, I like the red zone targets data - good stuff.  
  • FOXSports.com's Week 4 surprises offers up a bunch of tidbits from this weekend's games.
  • Or take a look at Rotoworld's Questions Answered - one of the reasons I love Rotoworld is because Gregg always adds a little something that I didn't already know. I can't believe the Bears only ran 50 plays all game - crazy. On Saturday, my Northwestern Wildcats had run 50 plays far before the 2nd half arrived (yeah more than a little unusual but hey, they won the game!).
I'm off to go work on my weekly column for the Bruno Boys!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Sara! Hope you can keep it up!

I appreciated your help last week and am back again with a RB dilemma. Dropped FWP last week due to the injury instead of J. Jones and Mendenhall played so well, I think I'll leave him there. Picked up Coffee but didn't get anything out of him although he played well. Would like to pickup J. Harrison, I think, but like the rest of my boys:

D. Williams
D. Brown
R. Grant (on bye)
J. Jones
G. Coffee

It's a TD only league with double points for receiving TDs by RBs.

I could drop J. Jones and start Coffee (vs. Atl) and Harrison (vs. Buf), both seem to have easier opponents than Williams (Wash) and Brown (TN).


Thanks, Mary

LestersLegends said...

I'm 3-1 in four of my five leagues, but the one that I'm 0-4 in frustrates me more than the joy I take in the other leagues.

Keep that undefeated season going, although I'm hoping your Broncos don't as they play my Pats this weekend.

Fantasy Football First said...

www.fantasy-football-first.com hands out 1st quarter report cards and week 5 waiver wire pick ups !

Ryan said...

Just wanted to say hi to our favorite Librarian! Love the site, Sara! Keep up the great work!