Friday, October 02, 2009

Closing out the week with Start/Sit links

Last month I went to a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire taping as some of you might remember, and I ended up in the catbird seat right next to the "honor companion" - the family member or friend who is there to support the contestant. Not only did I share awkward pleasantries with a person whose financial situation was on the verge of an overhaul, but I believe my left side repeatedly appeared on tv as the cameras focused on the honor companion. In fact I think my left arm's debut on national television happened yesterday but despite spending the majority of the day sniffling it out on my couch, I missed it. Fortunately I was there for two show tapings so I'll be tuning in today for the second episode. Extra perk? I'll feel brilliant knowing all the right answers...
Onto today's links - lots of start/sit articles first:

I'll be pulling together my consensus start/sit by tomorrow but for the best of the rest out there, read on:
  • Rotoworld's Week 3 Committee Report Highlights - good stuff. I picked up Jerome Harrison in one of my leagues but am hesitant to start him against a surprisingly decent Bengals rush defense. That said, Harrison was able to put up 85 yards on the Ravens.
  • Twitter led me to this very cool Interactive Defensive Matchup Tracker from Highly recommended.
  • IDPers who are thinking of making a change or have a bye week to cover, you'll want to take a look at Kilroyz Krystal Ball for the IDP Cheatsheet: Week Four.
  • If you're interested in some weekly rankings, take a look at FootballDocs. This link leads to WRs but QBs, RBs, and TEs are also available. How interested are you guys in seeing various rankings? Are rankings more or less valuable than start/sit sites? I'd be happy to add more rankings (and weekly projections?) to my links if you're interested in them.
Finally, on the stolen content front, I just wanted to thank you all for your support and point out that I don't mind having sites that link to me or even post my content in full - as long as my site is credited and preferably linked to as the original source. Also, just wanted to clarify that the difference between what I do here (linking to other sites) and what that site thief did (post my content word-for-word without any note that the post was written by me) is substantial. I'll be taking the advice spam blog advice you all shared with me and hope that this guy goes away. By the way, you guys are awesome - I've been battling this cold and you all have sent get well wishes, kind words, and even cold remedies. I'm one lucky blogger.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

Just wanted to let you know that your site is awesome. You provide a valuable service to the fantasy sports community and make our jobs as fantasy owners easier by posting informative links that we'd otherwise have to spend time searching for and sifting through; kinda like a one-stop-shop!!'s free!!

I have turned several people on to your site in hopes that they too will benefit. Thanks again!


scotteb said...

FYI, the and RotoExperts Start/Sit are the same article.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks kcbucfan!

scotteb, thanks for the heads up - thought I had only left the RotoExperts version/link in. Whoops. As always, much appreciated for the heads up when I do something like that or just have the wrong link in!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara.. Im really enjoying your site!

Wondering if you could offer an opinion on my TE/WR situation this week...With Gonzo on a bye

I start 3 total with a WR/TE flex included.

Right now im going
Welker (injury permiting)
Owen Daniels - should be good play against oakland

But i also have
Roy Williams - Hurt me last week!
Braylon Edwards - Derick Anderson??
Derick Mason - ??

All 3 could put up good numbers.. not really sure how to play this, any thoughts??

bsayan said...
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Anonymous said...

Password is 4book

Anonymous said...

16 team League, Standard Scoring with PPR

Bye week & injury to Gonzalez is killing me at WR this week.

I have to start 2 of these WR's

Eddie Royale (Den) vs Cowboys
Keenan Burton (StL) vs 49'ers
Kenny Britt (TN) vs Jag's
Jabar Gaffney (Den) vs Cowboys

Not much on WW with a 16 team league, but I can pick up Chris Henry


Thanks!!! BTW Gr8t Site

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Last minute start/sit advice here - sorry for being so late!

Anon - I like your lineup as is. I'm not sold on Williams these days and while I think Edwards could have a decent day, Holmes is likely to shine again at home. Stay with your lineup, I say.

Other Anon - I think I'd rank those guys Royal, Britt, Henry, Burton, I'd roll with starting Royal and Britt and hope for the best!

Good luck all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sara - Good luck today