Thursday, November 19, 2009

Weekly contest!

First up, this past week has been a busy one for me so I fell off the wagon with my weekly contest with But we're back up and rolling - feel free to join us, it's free to participate and you can jump in or out any time. For details, start here and use password book11 when prompted.

Here are a few afternoon links for you...


Derick Shipley said...

I have been playing in your 365 leagues since the start of the season, but my point stash has run down to 15 and now don't have enough points to continue to play. Is there a way to get more points without any money? I love playing the free leagues you have, but don't want to put any money in on it.

Derick said...

Hi Derick,

I've reloaded your points for you so you can now enter the contest.

If anyone else is low on points, just send me an e-mail (david at 365fantasysports dot com) and I'll reload you as well.

- David,