Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Early Week 2 prep

Gotta admit I didn't quite make it to the end of the Chargers v Chiefs game last night (time zone differences and my intense need to sleep - seriously, my 38-weeks-pregnant self could have fallen asleep at Arrowhead even - got in the way) so I was intrigued to see that the Chiefs pulled out a win. I love football, the uncertainties from year-to-year, heck even just week-to-week.

I feel like I went super heavy with the waiver wire links yesterday so I will try to focus on some other, more specialized posts.

UPDATE: Ryan Grant's season is over; he'll be placed on IR.

  • By request here are some links to a few free trade analyzers - if you have any other favorites, feel free to share in the comments:
  • Something else that a few of you have requested are links to awesome podcasts out there and I thought I'd link to the Footballguys' NFL Week 1 Recap podcast so you can give it a listen, see what you think.
  • Matt Schauf at RapidDraft.com has his first weekly look at the number of targets and receptions seen around the league - definitely a must-read for those in PPR leagues and Schauf includes some helpful notes if you're short on time.
  • My exception to the no-waiver wire articles rule today: a focus on waiver wire grabs for IDPers (that's those of you in individual defensive player leagues, rather than a team defense/special teams option). FFManiaxs' Week Two IDP Waiver Wire and Monk's IDP Week 2 Waiver Wire Pickups.
  • In case you hadn't noticed, FantasyPros.com's big thing is analyzing the accuracy of experts out there and they already have their look at how experts did with their Week 1 picks. Love this stuff so if you're interested in looking at a so far very small sample size to see who was accurate last week, check out Sunday Studs: Which Experts Got Them Right in Week 1?
  • Pigskin Addiction's Game by Game: Week 2 projections for this weekend's games are already up - pretty much the earliest I've seen anywhere. Way to be on the ball, Pigskin Addiction dudes.


brant said...

Thanks for the link to the nfl trade analyzer at Fantasy Sports Portal.

I just updated the stats to reflect the 2010 season. The more weeks that go by, the more accurate it will become.

I also would like to mention that users who sync their leagues get their entire teams analyzed on a daily basis. This way we can track how well your team(s) have done throughout the season.

Anonymous said...

Brant - I just tried your nfl trade analyzer - It's results are *terrible* right now. I recommend using some sort of composite ranking. Just using 2010 stats is going to rank Hakeem Nicks above all WRs, just because he had a big game.

It's a great idea, but I'd have to say it will be useless for almost the entire season, if not the entire season.

Try the KFFL trade analyzer - It's far more sensible.



brant said...


Thanks for the comment. I agree that guys like Arian Foster and Hakeem Nicks are overvalued and guys like Andre Johnson are undervalued.

The analyzer looks at where fantasy experts rank players compared to their actual numbers. It also compares this years numbers to last years at the same exact point in the season.

One game isn't much to go on however. I hope that by the end of this month you give it another shot.