Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day FF links

Happy long weekend! Here's hoping most of you are free to enjoy the 3-day weekend and the relaxation and fun that comes with it. I spent my Sunday participating in 3 fantasy football drafts scattered throughout the day and night, but I think I've finally wrapped up my drafts for the year. So like many of you I'm now turning my attention to the Week 1 games!

But before we get to some player rankings and prep for Week 1, I want to make sure that all you experts out there are aware of the upcoming deadline for the annual accuracy contest that I run with the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. I compare preseason positional rankings from experts to the final outcome of the fantasy season to see which site had the most accurate preseason rankings, and this year's deadline is fast approaching: September 9th by kickoff. Check out the info on the FSTA site for more details and be sure to e-mail me your submissions.

Now, onto Week 1!

  • First up, let's get to some of this weekend's big news:
    • Rotoworld's Say What? Housh is a Raven has tracked T.J. Houshmandzadeh's path from Seattle to Baltimore and what it means on the fantasy front.
    • MMQB today includes the details on the Revis deal, which I'd say worked out to his advantage.
  • With all of the big cuts I know many of you are wondering exactly who is left on each team. So take a look at's Depth charts, which are updated with great frequency. I'm not seeing Housh yet as a Raven but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before that's updated. 
  • For those of you who still have some drafting to do, take a look at Junkyard Jake's deep positional rankings for the season - click here for the Top 100 WRs (you can link to the rest of the positions from there).
  • Week 1 games are just days away but if you're not thrilled with your squad or already have some injury/cuts issues to deal with, take a look at's advice in Week One Waiver Wire Pickups.
  • How about some start/sit advice?
    • For Week 1 rankings take a look at these guys:
    • Finally, if you've ever wondered who the best fantasy football player in the world might be, well the Chicago Tribune has the answer for you in Chicago accountant is world's top-ranked fantasy football player, per the World Championship of Fantasy Sports. 


      Anonymous said...

      First of all, great site!
      Do you have any suggestions on where I can find ratings for ppr players that also count in return yardage?

      It's just hard to find commentary on players and their return yardage that is more than an afterthought.

      Anonymous said...

      Hmmmm. Somebody tell FFNerd that Michael Clayton is no longer a member of the Bucs.

      Anonymous said... has their week 1 player rankings up too.

      JMP said...

      RIP :(