Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st preseason winner

We have a winner. A round of applause for Aaron Burgos who came closest to guessing the running back with the most rushing yards during the Week 1 preseason games - and therefore won a season-long subscription to FantasyFootballXtreme. Aaron went with Glen Coffee and 105 yards and while Coffee came in at 67 yards, Aaron was the only one to wager a guess on Coffee.

For the record, Samkon Gado (STL) came in 1st for the week with 93 yards and Tyrell Sutton (GB) of Northwestern fame (go Cats!) had 91 yards. Seeing as I've watched Sutton play in many, many games since I'm a Northwestern alum, I'm quite pleased to see him topping the preseason charts here. Not that I'm surprised at all. The guy is awesome. I don't want to get carried away with my homer love here but Sutton is possibly worth a late round pick in my book...very late round. But still!

With the 2nd week of preseason starting up pretty soon here, let's get going on the next contest for a FFXtreme subscription. This week the question is: which WR will have the most receiving yards during week 2 preseason games? E-mail me your guesses (both name and number of receiving yards) before the first games start on Thursday night!

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Peter said...

Oh, the prediction was for week one only? I thought it was for the entire preseason. Please know that I didn't seriously believe Hightower was going to rush for 250-ish yards in one game. Against the Steelers.