Monday, August 10, 2009

Back in the fantasy swing of things

At long last I have arrived in NYC and have so many things I could say right now about the process of moving out here; some good, some bad. We're still not fully moved in yet - our furniture is all being delivered tomorrow so we've been going with the air mattress and eating out a lot route so far. Frankly I can't wait to have something other than the floor to sit on...

Another quirk in our moving process is that we won't have Internet access in our apartment until this weekend (beyond our iPhones, which singlehandedly made our move 10x better by the way). Serious bummer for someone like me who relies on being able to wake up and get on her computer stat. But like the good librarian that I am, I'm kicking it at my local Brooklyn Public Library, enjoying the free wifi.

So I have to admit I missed the big Hall of Fame game last night (New Yorkers might give me a pass - I was at the famous Grimaldi's Pizzeria with friends) but I've been catching up on the game news all morning. Read on for the latest links...

  • Word on the street from CBS Sports is that T.O. looked as explosive as ever in the one series that he played in the HOF game, but Kerry Collins was the big star for the night.
  • Some of the first big injury news on the fantasy front is out: Donnie Avery will miss 4-6 weeks with a severe sprain to his foot. My Laurent Robinson antenna just perked up.
  • I just checked out for the first time - pretty cool. If you're looking for a way to create our own custom rankings, take a look at what these guys have pulled together. You can also drag and drop players into the order you like and print a clean, customized ranking. I'd be even more excited about this if there were additional RBs and WRs listed, and I'd also like some background on how they created their default rankings. Even the most proactive of us can be found relying upon a standard ranking so it would be helpful to know a bit about the scoring system used here in this default ranking.
  • If you're thinking Vegas these days, take a look at Lester's Legends contest with - you could win a $100 Southwest Airlines gift card (and technically you don't even have to use that gift card to fly to Vegas if you had another destination in mind...).
  • Gregg Rosenthal brings us the latest draft trends for the 2009 season. I've done a few drafts so far and think Gregg is right on with his ten trends. I highly recommend you take a little time to do a mock draft before you draft this season - might seem like a lot of prep time but let's be honest, you're here on this site, you probably don't shy away from a high quantity of FF prep time.
  • Peter King's MMQB is full of preseason and HOF game thoughts - good stuff as always. Last week I put up a guest post from a Giants fan on which Giants players to keep an eye on - he was relatively high on Mario Manningham, which jives with what I'm reading here from King.
  • Reasons to dig Ronnie Brown now that he's two years out from his leg injury from
  • Knowshon Moreno is signed and ready to impress in Denver - Moreno is expected to play in the preseason opener this Friday and I for one can't wait to see how he looks.
  • Finally, Scott Engel from RotoExperts is teaching fantasy football courses this season. I'm highly amused by this but if you're out there either as a beginner or an old pro and are wondering who to draft, how to draft, or what exactly I'm talking about all the time on this blog...then it might be worth your time to check out Engel's classes.

Now I'm off to explore my new neighborhood! I'm in the market for some good sports bars so any suggestions in Manhattan or Brooklyn are welcome...


Anthony said...

No better place to eat out in the world. I used to live near the Brooklyn Public Library right there at Prospect Park.

Thanks for all the efforts while on the road. I check this blog daily. You do great work!

C.J. said...

That custom cheat sheet site is cool. I agree, though, that it could be updated with longer RB/WR lists. I can think of at least a dozen more WRs that I'd draft before Crabtree!

Hoppie said...

duke's up on 19th st in manhattan is okay - they have wings and beer, which are key for my football experience. and they run a dollar beer special during mets and yankees games - hopefully that carries over to jets/giants. kinda corporate-y though.

for brooklyn, the turkey's nest in williamsburg is cool - a few nice screens with sports on, cheap beer. it's right across for mccarren park, nice and divey, and they'll even give you a huge draft beer in a to-go cup so you can take it to the park.