Monday, August 03, 2009

Moving day is here!

Dare I curse myself? I'd like to report there might be a real estate miracle happening in Boulder right now. At our condo to be exact. The condo has been on the market for a few months and really wasn't selling (despite its awesomeness) until perhaps now. It's basically the 11th hour...and we think we have found a buyer. This is something you should all be cheering for since well not only would I really appreciate it, but it would delay my job search desperation (in a move to avoid poverty in NYC of course) and would ultimately mean more time spent on the blog.

Anyway, I'm sitting in our living room waiting for the movers to arrive so here are a handful of quick links...

I'm actually thinking I might be able to post a little more this week than I thought, but this Friday keep an eye open for a guest blogger on the site...

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JD said...

On behalf of all of your readers, here's wishing you a smooth transition to NYC. I hope everything goes very well for you.

Best wishes,