Wednesday, August 05, 2009

FF Omaha Style

Greetings from Omaha. As I've probably made abundantly clear, I'm en route from Colorado to NYC this week - and thank you all for your well wishes with the move. Today we have a very manageable trip from Omaha to Chicago where we'll stay with my college roommate. Should be a fun time. Fortunately that means I've got a little time for a post...

  • Is Eli Manning about to become the highest-paid player in the NFL? See what the Fifth Down has to say about the deal that's in the works that will send $35 million guaranteed to Eli.
  • RapidDraft's Schedule helps Hasselbeck, hurts Orton and Cassel takes a look at strength-of-schedule rankings for pass offenses. As Schauf notes, this obviously isn't going to dictate who you draft but is another bit of info to keep in mind as you draft.
  • Looking for some breakout candidates? Look no further than's suggestions in Give me a breakout candidate.
  • On the flip side, Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy brings us their Top 10 Overvalued Players.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru recommends some Young stud RBs and Reliable WRs you might want to target on draft day.
  • You can always count on to come up with some new sort of metric - today we have the Receiver plus/minus which gives us the top ten and bottom ten receivers based on their catch rate. Check it out - interesting stuff. The "what does this mean though?" analysis will come next...
  • More from FootballOutsiders - a continuation of their Wisdom of the Crowds series, this time with projections for TEs.
  • I was recently tempted with the idea of taking Bernard Berrian in an e-mail draft but I just didn't feel confident enough in his ability to produce. After reading Rotoworld's Vikings offense = fantasy gold? I wondered what the rest of the fantasy world thinks. I took Kevin Walter at the 7.01 spot in a PPR league that starts 3 WRs; should I have gone with Berrian instead? The rest of my team so far is: MJD at 1.01, Clinton Portis at 2.12, Dwayne Bowe at 3.01, Aaron Rodgers at 4.12, Santonio Holmes at 5.01, Donald Brown at 6.12, Kevin Walter at 7.01. For details on the rest of the draft, take a look here.
  • Speaking of Donald Brown, he's on FFToolbox's list of 2009 Fantasy Football Sleepers RBs.
Okay, now we're back on the road again...


Peter said...

I would've taken Berrian over Walter. Another article demonstrating why comes from Matt Schauf (who I now read because of your recommendation), showing that Minnesota has the 2nd best schedule (through week 16) as far as teams giving fantasy points to QB, while Houston has the 19th best.


Berrian's number one on his team, Walter is not. Berrian's got a better schedule. Berrian's got, in my opinion, a better backup QB. (Schaub is the best out of the top 4 in MIN-HOU, but I'd trust Jackson/Rosenfels with my fantasy receiver more than Grossman/Orlovsy)

I'm glad your move is going well so far! Travel safe.

Matt Calvey said...

Kind of scary to see half of my keeper team in that list of overvalued players.

How is it that Vincent Jackson is overvalued because some crazy math formula says that his touchdowns will decline, but Maurice Jones Drew (whose value is entirely predicated on touchdowns and a number of carries he has never had), does not suffer in the same comparison?

Ryan said...


Do you know of one good source which tracks player injuries across all 32 teams? Rather than having 62-80 different single team news feeds in an RSS/ATOM reader?

There's already been a few major injuries in the training camps this off-season:

Harry Douglas out for the season in Atlanta, and the Panthers lost their #1 DT for the season...both big hits.