Friday, August 28, 2009

Get your draft prep here

In an effort to be a bit more hip to the scene in my nabe (that's NY-speak for neighborhood; used anywhere else? Am I just that out of it?), my husband and I took to the streets last night to find some fun sports bars in our neighborhood. Turns out this city loves baseball. In one bar all 7 screens were turned to baseball (including two different views of the CHW v BOS game) and we had to ask for one to show the football game on Fox. In the other bar, the football game was indeed on, but the 14 other screens all showed baseball - or horse racing. I realize it's still the preseason so I won't give up on these places yet but I was surprised. I guarantee sports bars in Boulder would have had way more football going I going to be a football girl in a baseball town?!

So let's get to today's linkage:

  • FootballOutsiders led me to the updated news on Roy Williams on PFT - at this time it appears that he did not break his clavicle. But I've got to wonder, does this give Patrick Clayton a bit of a bump as we figure out how Williams is doing?
  • Just after linking to an article yesterday that suggested the Bengals are a little more draft worthy this year, I saw an article on Sports Data Hub, Cincinnati Offensive Line Could Collapse Sleeper Season. You all know how I love o-line analysis so this certainly has me thinking...
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru is rushing through his series on offensive analysis - take a look at the summary posts he has up for the AFC North and AFC South.
  • The NYT's Fifth Down blog won't be emphasizing fantasy football quite as much this season (so no, you won't be seeing my weekly column up there) but one of the new features they'll have this season is a column from the guy behind Smart Football - may not be as much of a fantasy destination but still worth your time.
  • An amusing read from FFToday on auction leagues and why published auction values are useless.
  • The way I love the marriage of chocolate and peanut butter, I love a little Rotoworld and Football Outsiders. It's two of the greats coming together as Gregg Rosenthal at Rotoworld interviews Aaron Schatz at FO for his thoughts on the 2009 season - good stuff, really enjoyed it.
  • I do love bold recommendations in fantasyland - take a look at's 7 Ballsy Predictions for 2009 - some interesting stuff here involving Visanthe Shiancoe, Brandon Marshall, and Justin Forsett.
Today and tomorrow I intend to update my average rankings position spreadsheet and hope to have a new version available by Sunday - I'll get a post up when it's ready and am happy to send the new version out at that time.

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Unknown said...

"Nabe" is only used south of 14th Street. You'll get a raised eyebrow on the Upper West or Upper East Side.