Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Injuries abound

This might be a quick post since our furniture is set to be delivered in roughly one hour so my Internet time at the local Starbucks is a bit tight. I'll do what I can to get some of the best links up!

Sadly I feel like there's a ton of injury news to update you on...

I'll be back tomorrow with more. Wish me luck with the movers on a hot and muggy NYC day!


Anonymous said...

You have to have a Kicker. You might as well grab one in the second to last or last round. I like to take a Kicker that plays in a dome. Longwell will play in 10 dome games. Rackers, Hartley, Elam, Folk, etc.

Stunod Pictures Entertainment said...

Are you a Broncos fan! Excellent! We have to stick together! I am not excited about this year. I hate Josh McDaniels.