Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fantasy questions abound

It's a deliciously cool morning here in New York City and I'm truly looking forward to autumn in the city...but first, a little football tonight! I hope you all are loving the constant schedule of football as much as I am. In the meantime I've been all over twitter this morning enjoying the tweets; I had no idea I'd find twitter quite so appealing. I'd chalked it up as being a bit more voyeuristic than I wanted (says the woman who thoroughly enjoys reading her friends facebook status updates while rarely posting her own...) but honestly, twitter as a news feed is tremendous. Why didn't you guys push me in this direction before?!

Onto the links of the day:

  • FantasyFootballCalculator takes a look at where Derrick Ward has been drafted this summer - that is, until the dreaded major committee pronouncement from Tampa Bay. See what they say in Were you counting on Derrick Ward this year? to learn where you should be targeting Ward now.
  • Find out which Seattle player KFFL is talking about in A fantasy football bust in the making?
  • I'm digging Scott Engel's Running Backs Revisited. I think it's really easy to rely on old information or early summer depth charts - remember to keep yourself updated and RotoExperts is a great go-to spot.
  • Other updates on the draft front from the Bruno Boys - take a look at their ADP Watch: Rising Quarterbacks and ADP Watch: Rising Running Backs articles.
  • I had high hopes for Devin Thomas last year (really for the Skins in general) and am sorry to hear his prospects for this year even aren't looking so hot - read FFToolbox's WR Devin Thomas passed on Redskins' depth chart.
  • Have Bengals players become far more draft worthy? takes a look at their team redemption plans in Bengal bounce back in '09? Side note here - has anyone else noticed how many of today's article titles conclude with a question mark? Really that should give you a hint that there's some uncertainty behind each of those articles if you ask me...
  • Reasons to love Ray Rice from Rotoworld's Pancake Blocks blog.
  • To add yet another reference to Matthew Berry in this fantasysphere, check out his TMR: Just the Facts, which should delight the stats lover in us all.
  • I've seen Eddie Royal go before Brandon Marshall in a few drafts now - my husband called this the conservative approach. I just am not sure I could bring myself to do tell readers, why go Royal over Marshall? And yes I'm a Broncos headline fiend so I'm fully aware of all that's going on with Marshall. Still don't get it. Marshall is back at practice by the way.
I'm hoping to be back this afternoon with some more analysis of that Average Rankings Position spreadsheet I pulled together. Stay tuned.


Fantasy Knuckleheads said...

Man I'm glad to hear about Marshall.. I'm counting on Orton in one of my leagues... yes I was drinking during the draft, forgive me.

Les Savy Ferd said...

Regarding the whole Royal / Marshall debate, I think it is the perceived "McDaniels Effect" coupled with a slight over emphasis on receptions in PPR leagues. I think people are assuming Royal and Marshall will play Welker and Moss. A PPR format narrows the gap in value between those two players (but not as much as people seem to think as evidenced by the 96 team league. We have Royal going: 35, 38, 42, 59, 27 & 49th respectively to Marshall's 51, 61, n/a, 57, 54 & 55)

Which is silly given that Marshall can and has put up 100/1250/6 lines. But there's always that big unsightly 'if' under Marshall's relationship to the current regime. Anyhow, I was all set to draft either DEN receiver that fell to me at pick 59 seeing as I think that the Broncos will be playing 'comeback / shoot-out' quite a bit this year. Just happened to be Royal.