Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A post full of rankings

I'm surrounded by a pile of really exciting paperwork right now - seriously, such a thing does exist. It's our settlement documents for our upcoming closing on our condo in Boulder. And I'm psyched. I'm off to seek out a notary here in NYC so that I can zip those documents back to Boulder. Exciting times, my football friends!

Other exciting things are happening - just take a look at the links below for the latest on the football scene:

I also wanted to note that I am indeed doing my accuracy analysis again this year - or a ranking of the expert rankings. Once again I'm working in conjunction with the FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) and the winner will be announced at the Winter 2010 FSTA conference. If you're an expert FFer with published rankings and want to participate, check out the details on the FSTA site.

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