Monday, August 31, 2009

Figuring out the Broncos and other links

As you all can imagine, I was really interested in the outcome of the Bears v Broncos game last night. I wasn't necessarily pulling for a bad game for Cutler but I really wanted the Broncos to shine. There were a few moments when I thought the Broncos D had their act together (hey, it's all relative) but it was a downer of a game for us Broncos fans. Sigh. Keep an eye on Orton's finger.

In other less than awesome news, apparently the updated average ranking position spreadsheet I was working on this weekend has disappeared into a deep, dark hole within my laptop. It's gone, no amount of searching every nook and cranny of the computer has forced it up out of its hiding spot. The silver lining here is that as I gather new rankings today, they will be even more updated than the ones I pulled on Friday. I've got my fingers crossed that I'll have a new version ready by this afternoon and will let you all know when it's ready to go.

But today is a great day since it's closing day on our condo in Boulder - in just a few hours we will be proud sellers. While part of me would like to take a sweet vacation with some of the profits, I think we're really savers at heart who will just rebuild for our next down payment. But here's to real estate transactions today!

Onto today's links...

Hopefully I'll be back later today with a new average ranking position spreadsheet...


Anonymous said...

Jerious Norwood's knee injury didn't look bad at all, from what I saw from that game - Chargers vs Falcons in ATL.

Whereas Matt Cassel's knee injury looked much worst from the get go, even by just going what his reaction to the injury.

All in all, Norwood should be fine...looks to be very minor.

Fantasy Knuckleheads said...

Even with a new coaching staff we FF'ers are still unable to figure out the Broncos!!

Anonymous said...

Tell me again, why did Coach J-McD put a Safety with a broken wrist onto the field, with a club cast again?

Isn't J-McD suppose to be trying to get INTs, Fumbles, and Passes Defensed from this Safeties? A bit hard with a one handed defender on the field, no?

Can't wait to see how the Broncos Defense does against the AFC North, NFC East teams this year, besides in the division rivals. At least their not the Lions on Run Defense this year in the pre-season so far....

Anonymous said...

I bet against the Broncos last night and it was free money. And yes I am pretty sure betting on preseason football means you have a gambling problem.

Erin said...

Funny how it is coming a reality that Broncos fans never really liked Cutler... only liked him as a man while he was on Broncos uniform. Now he is a scum to them.

Anonymous said...

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