Thursday, August 20, 2009

Training for fantasy football season

Later this morning I'm meeting with a personal trainer for the first time in my life. When I joined a gym here in NY last week, along with the membership came the chance to meet with a trainer - who could say no to that? Looking forward to it except I'm sure to get a lesson on my poor posture.

Truly I'm living the life of riley here - working on fantasy football, meeting with trainers, exploring NYC - gotta fit it all in I guess before I find myself a new library gig, right?

Onto today's links...

  • Wondering what to do if LaDainian Tomlinson falls to you in this year's draft? I recently did a RapidDraft and grabbed him at the 7th overall spot but if you'd like to hear both sides of the LT argument, take a look at's How to handle L.T. on Draft Day.
  • Tony Holm has his Prognosticator column up on with his 2009 Draft Plan - I'm intrigued by his statement that this is the strangest draft year he has ever seen. All the more reason to mock draft before your big day, eh?
  • I think Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy is one of the more impressive sites out there - they're consistently putting up new material that clearly has taken time and effort; good stuff. Take a look at their latest: 14 Proven Draft Recommendations and make sure you go deep into the details.
  • Along those same lines, Gregg Rosenthal has 6 Totally Unrelated Draft Tips up on Rotoworld.
  • I know most of what I focus on here would help out those of you in standard fantasy football leagues, which is probably why I found FanHouse's Flexible Flex Spots? Stack up on QBs so interesting.
  • Those of you in IDP leagues who don't already frequent Kilroyz Krystal Ball column on Fantasy Football Oasis are going to want to add him into your weekly/daily site check. You'll get team IDP updates, sleepers, and injury news. Excellent. There just aren't enough IDP sites out there.
  • Another site you might want to keep an eye on? is cranking out player profiles with impressive frequency - take a look at one of the latest on Gage, Crayton, Hixon, and Bess.
  • Looking for more FF rankings? Take a look at the Mac Bros positional rankings - here are the RBs, which are fleshed out in a bunch of detail with pros/cons for the top 15.


TheKing said...

Every year I always wonder if my draft strategy was correct. Especially when deciding to take a QB. I just found this and it is very helpful.

Anonymous said...

The link for "Flexible Flex Spots? Stack up on QBs" is pointing at the Rotoworld article

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Got the link fixed already - thanks for the heads up!

Matt Calvey said...

What is rule #1 in the 14 Proven Strategies? TDs are inconsistent!

I am going to send them an e-mail and see if I can get some royalty payments...

Lester's Legends said...

Thanks for the link FFL. You'd be happy to know I'm rolling with a few broncos on my main team this year. Hope they pan out.

Fantasy Knuckleheads said... is unreal.. I'll be sure to track his recommendations about week 4 or 5 of the nfl season