Thursday, September 25, 2008

A bowling injury and fantasy advice

I have bowler's thumb. Not sure if that's a real malady or not but after rolling 30 frames last night at the ol' bowling league, I seem to have injured my thumb to the point of making it hard to write (but I've never held a pencil properly anyway, which is a whole different topic). I need to toughen up since I will apparently be called up as an alternate in this league for the next 1-2 months (!).

I plan on having lots of stories to tell since the bowling league was WAY more fun than I gave it credit apologies, bowlers. I quickly developed favorite bowlers including Dwight (of the clear, lucite-ish bowling ball, wrist guard, and bandanna-ed head) who high-fived me and cheered me on by my name when I got a strike or made a valiant effort for a split. He was phenomenal. As was his bowling buddy in the "Redneck Dad" t-shirt. But favorites were probably the family we played against - one of the 20-something sons in this family (which, by the way brought down the average age of the league quite a bit) was unbelievably good. In one game the dude bowled a strike in every frame except two, which of course he closed out with spares. All I could think was, if I could play fantasy bowling using this crew of bowlers, that dude would totally be my bowling version of LT. I can't go anywhere without thinking about fantasy sports. But needless to say this was hardly an iPhone environment...I only pulled it out for fantasy news updates once, maybe twice, since it didn't exactly fit in with the vibe of the bowling alley. I didn't want to be that fancy frouf with the iPhone; could be too late for that. Bonus points for anyone who can guess what my three-game average was last night...

But back to football:

  • I was a big Patrick Crayton believer during the preseason so last week's lack of numbers from Crayton was less than optimal. FFToolbox doesn't see him rebounding, as noted in their Week 4: Busts of the Week article, but I still believe in Crayton. The Cowboys v Skins game is always a big deal so I'm hoping to see Crayton shine this weekend.
  • There are a few more start and sit articles up today:
  • I know I'm not the only one sweating Ocho Cinco's lack of big plays - according to this ESPN article, Chad has reassured us all that his time is coming, he know it has been a slow start, "But once I break out, I really break out." May that break out week be here now.
  • Fighting Chance Fantasy - first, the guy behind this site guarantees a response within 18 hours if you need fantasy advice. That's far better than I can say for myself - if you've been using my chat feature to the right, you know that's true. If you haven't heard from me it's because I haven't had time to check in on those chat questions yet - but I will soon or you could e-mail me and I promise you'll get a better response. Anyway, back to 18-hour guy and his advice. Check out more thoughts on Ocho Cinco and other slow starters in his Been Disappointed? They Will Be Back! article.
I'm off to go listen to this podcast from Football Outsiders that reviews some of the Big Ten games, hopefully including my Northwestern Wildcats who play Iowa on Saturday. Go Cats!


Shane said...

Your three-game average was an 93!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Shane, you have the closest guess so far! A lot of you have really high expectations for my bowling skills. I appreciate that but I am not that good...